Taiwanese woman caught with 24 GERBILS strapped to her legs at customs

Woman is caught with 24 GERBILS strapped to her legs under her skirt at a Taiwanese customs checkpoint

  • The woman, named only as Wu, was stopped in Kinmen, Taiwan on Friday 
  • Coast Guard officers stopped her after noticing the woman walking strangely 
  • 60-year-old Wu claimed she had brought the animals back from China

A woman has been caught attempting to smuggle 24 gerbils into Taiwan under her skirt.

Returning from a visit to China on Friday, the 60-year-old woman was stopped and searched on Taiwan’s outer island of Kinmen by customs officials who made the bizarre discovery. 

Coast Guard officers spotted her walking awkwardly through Shuitou Port in Kinmen and decided to stop and search the woman – named only as Wu.

The gerbils were discovered in little sacks strapped to the woman’s legs after she took off her outer skirt

After lifting up her skirt they discovered the 24 rodents packed into plastic bags and strapped to both her legs. 

When asked why she had them, Wu said she had been bringing them back into Taiwan for friends – but did not reveal their names. 

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Wu was reportedly returning to Taiwan at noon on Friday from Shijing, Fujian Province in China via the ‘Three Links.’

Officers noticed that Wu was acting nervous and wore an outfit that included puffy skirt that seemed to be a strange size.

Coast Guard officials said Wu had confessed that each gerbil had been purchased at a pet store in China for a price of 50 Chinese yuan (NT$220) for each male and 150 Chinese yuan for each female.

The woman was stopped by officers from the Taiwanese Coast Guard after they noticed her walking strangely

The 24 gerbils pictured in a bucket after they had been freed from their containers strapped to her legs

Wu said that the transportation fee for each gerbil was 60 Chinese yuan. The market price in Taiwan for a male gerbil is about NT$500 (US$16) and a female is as much as NT$1,000.

It is believed she may have been sent by a smuggling ring to test the inspection procedures in the port. They plan on continuing to investigate to see if there was a larger ring involved.

After being questioned by officials, Wu was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office on charges of violating the Infectious Animal Disease Prevention and Control Act.

Vets inspected the animals and took samples on the same day, before euthanizing and disposing of them in accordance with regulations.

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