Taiwan’s stark warning to Cleverly on Chinese expansion

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister warns what could happen if China is not stopped

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister has warned his British counterpart that the Chinese military threat and its expansionism pose a comprehensive challenge, not only to Britain but also to the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights. Joseph Wu warned that as China exercises its influence globally, the UK must also consider the economic pipeline that Taiwan is situated in and the potential impact on the critical supply lines if the island was to fall under the control of Beijing.

Sharing his message to Foreign Secretary James Cleverley about the relationship between China and Taiwan, Mr Wu told LBC: “I would say that we need to look at it in a very comprehensive way.

“Of course, the threat is there, it might not be threatening the UK directly but the Chinese military threat or its expansionism in this area is so apparent.

“And at the same time, China is also challenging our values, when they expand, when they exercise their influences, either in the Pacific, or in the Indian Ocean, or in Africa. Our value freedom, democracy and the protection of human rights is at lines, and they are expanding at our costs.

“So, we need to look at this. And at the same time, even though the UK is looking at China as an economic opportunity, in the long run, we agree to it.”

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“But at the same time, we also need to look at the economic pipeline that Taiwan is situated in.

“And if Taiwan is under Chinese attack, and the supply line of computer chips is disrupted, I’m sure the UK is going to be impacted in a very serious manner.

“And therefore, we need to look at it in a comprehensive way and for the UK, Taiwan and other countries to come together and work together to deal with the situation.”

It comes as a US commander warned that China’s military build-up, which is the most extensive seen since World War II, includes both conventional and strategic nuclear domains and poses a significant threat to Taiwan, which is claimed by Beijing.

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Admiral John Aquilino stressed the need for urgent action by the US to counter the rapid military expansion in the South China Sea before it’s too late.

Aquilino, the commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, has cautioned that the US must take quick action to prevent China from launching a military attack.

He argued China is currently engaged in the most significant military expansion seen since World War II, both in conventional and strategic nuclear domains.

But he also expressed confidence that China’s ambitions can still be curtailed if urgent steps are taken and emphasized the need for the US to increase the pace in certain areas such as hypersonic weapons.

Aquilino also noted that the US has military capabilities that exceed those of China.

During a House of Representatives armed services committee hearing, he emphasized that although conflict in the Indopacom area is not imminent or inevitable, immediate action is necessary to preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific, and that attempting to predict the date of a potential invasion of Taiwan is a mistake being made by his colleagues.

He said: “Conflict in the Indopacom area of operations is neither imminent nor inevitable.

“Nevertheless, we do not have the luxury of time, we must act now to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

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