Tasmanian father crafts his own report card for his Autistic daughter

Father crafts a heartwarming report card for his autistic daughter, 10, after she received straight Ds at school and told him ‘I’ve let everyone down’

  • Sophie Jackson, 10, from Tasmania, has Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • She became upset after recently scoring straight Ds on her report card
  • Her father, Shane Jackson, said he made her his own card to cheer her up

A father who wrote his own report card for his autistic daughter after she received straight Ds is being praised online. 

Sophie Jackson, 10, became very upset after receiving low grades on her year four report card this week.

‘She cried and said “I’ve let everyone down”,’ her father, Shane Jackson, posted on Twitter on Wednesday. 

In an effort to cheer up the Tasmanian schoolgirl, Mr Jackson crafted his own report card for his daughter, giving her straight As for her sense of humour, imagination and drawing skills.  

Sophie Jackson, a 10-year-old Tasmanian schoolgirl, was devastated after receiving straight Ds on her year four report card this week 

Sophie’s father, Shane Jackson, crafted a report card to cheer up his daughter

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Mr Jackson said he was away when his wife sent him a copy of their daughter’s report card and told him how devastated Sophie was. 

‘I was away in Melbourne and my daughter and my wife were upset,’ he said.

‘I felt so powerless. I wanted to hug Sophie and make her feel better, so I thought I should take this to Twitter.’ 

His inspiring parenting has gained a huge amount of attention on Twitter, with people from across the world praising his adorable gesture.

One of the thousand responses to Mr Jackson’s tweet awarded him with a ‘Master of Dad’ degree. 

Mr Jackson posted the report card to Twitter and was quickly praised for his actions

Mr Jackson said his daughter is ‘amazingly good’ at drawing (pictured is some of her artwork) 

Mr Jackson told Daily Mail Australia he was extremely happy to see such a positive response on Twitter.

‘The best impact has been on Sophie. Next day she bumped out of the house, beaming, ready for school.’

‘As a parent of an autistic child I’d like to tell other parents that they are not alone as I understand it can get challenging,’ he said.

Mr Jackson also said Sophie has a very supportive academic staff at her school.

‘This is in no way against her or any other teacher. Sophie has a fantastic teacher.’

‘There’s a marking process, according to which Sophie did well,’ he said.

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