Teacher bangs boy’s head on the floor after the student attacks him

Shocking moment Mexican teacher slams a teen’s head against the floor after student attacked him in fight over using his cellphone in class

  • A teacher beat a student down inside a Mexican high school after the teen attacked him for being told to put away his cellphone  
  • The viral video, which is just 21 seconds, captures the moment the teacher drives his elbow three times into the boy’s head
  • The student was allegedly known to have verbally abused the teacher in the past 
  • The Public Education Secretary of Guanajuato suspended the teacher and disqualified him from teaching at other educational centers

A high school teacher banged his student’s head against the classroom floor after the teenage boy attacked him because he was told not to use his cellphone during class.

Cellphone video showed the moment the teacher at the ‘El Nigromante’ Preparatory slammed his student’s head into the floor in front of the classroom in Mexico’s central state of Guanajuato.

The Public Education Secretary of Guanajuato suspended the teacher from the school and disqualified him from teaching at any other educational institution, according to ADN 40. 

The Public Education Secretary’s office withheld the names of the student and the teacher. DailyMail contacted the school for comment. 

A Mexican high school teacher (pictured with black jacket) tussles on the ground with his student after the teenager attacked him

An educator at prep school in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato drovehis student’s head  to the floor

The school principal confirmed to Mexican news outlet AM that the unidentified student was the instigator of the shocking event.

The 21 second audio-less video captures the teacher using his right elbow to forcefully deliver three blows to the side of the students face as the pair tussled on the floor. 

ADN 40 reported that the teacher repeatedly asked the distracted student to place his cellphone away but the young boy declined.

The student, who according to classmates had been reprimanded by his educator for his disruptive behavior, then insulted the teacher and attacked him.

The principal at ‘El Nigromante’ Preparatory confirms that the student initiated the attack on his teacher

A student (front center) separates his teacher during a wild brawl with a fellow classmate (laying on the ground)

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The teacher fought back, and slammed the teen’s head into the floor. 

A pupil is seen in the video pulling the teacher off his classmate to deescalate the situation. 

The administrator also added that the video that quickly made its rounds through social media networks was not in its entirety.

‘It’s deceptive because it’s not complete,’ Aracely  Mancera said. 

‘El Nigromante’ Preparatory was the site of a recent disturbing event when a student attacked his teacher because he was ordered to put his cell phone away during class

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