Teen gets sickle lodged in skull after he falls out of bed head-first onto tool

A teenager terrifyingly almost died after falling from his bed and landing head-first on a sickle.

Bhuppu Sen, 16, from India, was asleep in the middle of the night when he rolled over and landed straight on top of a sharp curved metal blade yesterday (March 16).

The sickle, which is used for harvesting, had been left precariously on the floor, and the teen reportedly forgot about it due to his light not working.

Incredibly no blood emerged from the teenager's head despite the tool piercing a whopping 4cm into his skull.

He was taken to hospital where doctors performed a CT scan on him before rushing him into surgery.

A three-hour operation carried out by a team of doctors led to the successful removal of the sickle.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh, the neurosurgeon who led the operation, said he was shocked the boy didn't end up paralysed or die from the horrific incident.

The lucky teenager is now reportedly resting from the accident but is understood to not be in any pain.

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