Teen jailed for murder was 'daddy's girl' who went 'off the rails'

‘Evil and sadistic’ teenage girl, 16, jailed for kicking a father-of-two psychiatrist to death in a sickening homophobic attack was a ‘daddy’s girl’ who ‘had gone off the rails’ after her parents’ split, former neighbours claim

  • Dionne Timms-Williams, now 17, was heard laughing as she kicked Gary Jenkins
  • She egged on fellow killers in homophobic attack in the shadow of Cardiff Castle
  • The teenager was jailed for 18 years at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court last week
  • Neighbours have now said she was ‘daddy’s girl’ who fell into the wrong crowd

An ‘evil and sadistic’ teenage girl jailed for kicking a father-of-two psychiatrist to death in a sickening homophobic attack was a ‘daddy’s girl’ who ‘had gone off the rails’ after her parents’ split, former neighbours have claimed.

Dionne Timms-Williams, 17, was heard laughing as she punched and kicked Dr Gary Jenkins during a brutal robbery in Bute Park, in the shadow of Cardiff Castle, on July 20 last year.

She was jailed for 18 years for murder at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court last week, while Jason Edwards, 25, Lee Strickland, 36, were sentenced to minimum terms of 33 years behind bars.

Timms-Williams egged on her fellow killers and was heard saying, ‘Yeah, I needed that’ as Dr Jenkins lay dying, before later smirking in her custody picture as she showed no remorse over the fatal beating.

Judge Daniel Williams said the trio’s sustained and ferocious attack was aggravated by ‘sheer homophobia’.

Former neighbours of Timms-Williams have now said she was a ‘quiet girl’ as they revealed their shock that the teen, who was 16 at the time, could commit such a monstrous attack.

One neighbour told The Sun: ‘Everyone around here is absolutely stunned by this awful murder. Dionne comes from two lovely parents, yet she’s gone out and done this.’

This police mugshot shows the smirking face of then 16-year-old Dionne Timms-Williams who, along with two other thugs, kicked a father-of-two psychiatrist to death. She was handed 18 years as a minimum term last week

Jason Edwards, 26, (left) Lee Strickland, 36, will serve at least 33 years behind bars each for the callous murder 

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Gary Jenkins, 54, was ‘viciously attacked and tortured’ in Bute Park, Cardiff

Timms-Williams, who lived with her company director mother in the Vale of Glamorgan village of Creigiau around seven miles north west of Cardiff, was in a same-sex relationship herself.

She is said to have been ‘distraught’ when her parents split up, though this still did not explain the callous killing.

Another neighbour added: ‘Whatever has gone wrong in her life, this is just wicked and she deserves everything she gets now. She should be kept behind bars for the rest of her life for doing what she did.’

A third resident said: ‘Believe it or not, Dionne was a lovely girl. She was very quiet but she was always friendly and polite.’ 

Neighbours explained how Timms-Williams was a ‘daddy’s girl’ who would spend her free time helping her mechanic father repair vehicles.

She intended to follow in her father’s footsteps when she left school, but when her parents split, local residents say she changed.

Neighbours said she started to ‘hang around kids that were up to no good and began drinking and smoking weed’, while she would also ‘no longer say hello if you saw her in the street’ and it became obvious she had ‘gone off the rails’.

Residents earlier described the teen, who lived in a presentable cul-de-sac, as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ figure whose innocent character transformed when she began consuming drugs.

Another neighbour told the Sun: ‘She was sweet and pretty growing up and never any trouble – it’s hard to believe what’s happened.

 ‘She was like Jekyll and Hyde, there was a huge change in her. I think most people in the village knew she was messing about with drugs. She could look very vacant at times.’

Disturbing audio captured the moment the trio started encouraging one another as they screamed ‘stamp on his head’ and ‘keep going’ during the 15-minute onslaught.

Timms-Williams could be heard saying ‘Get down’, ‘Do it all over again’, ‘Do it’ and ‘Hit him again’ as a male voice says: ‘Stamp on his head. Stamp on his head too’ while she called the helpless victim a ‘f*****g pig.’ Another says ‘Keep going’ and ‘Oh, let me stamp on him again’. 

The psychiatrist screamed ‘get off me’ and ‘please stop’ as he repeatedly asked why his attackers had targeted him, humiliating him further as they pulled down his blood-soaked trousers down. 

Prosecutor Dafydd Enoch said: ‘The awful sounds of heavy blows being delivered to Dr Jenkins can clearly be heard. These defendants were indulging in sport.’ 

Edwards and Strickland were also caught on CCTV laughing in the wake of the attack after they stole Dr Jenkins’ card to buy alcohol. 

Judge Williams said the three defendants were equally responsible for the murder of the ‘kind, generous, compassionate and humane’ doctor. 

‘During the prolonged attack he was called, among other things, a poof and his trousers were pulled down in an act of humiliation,’ he said. 

Pictured: In the moments after the attack, Strickland and Edwards were pictured laughing and hugging each other (far right)

CCTV footage released from that night shows Timms-Williams (left) being offered a can of cider as she first meets Jason Edwards (centre) and Lee Strickland near Bute Park in the early hours of the morning before the fatal attack

Jason Edwards, 25, left, Lee Strickland, 36, right, were caught on CCTV laughing in the wake of the attack after they stole Dr Jenkins’ card to buy alcohol

Dr Jenkins lived alone in Cardiff after separating from his wife six years earlier and had a close relationship with his two daughters. 

Timms-Williams claimed in court that she took part in the attack alongside strangers Jason Edwards, 25, and Lee Strickland, 36, because she was ‘scared for her life’ if she did not join in. 

But she went out ‘to target somebody for robbery and violence’ in the early hours of the morning on July 20 last year, the court heard,

The three defendants showed no reaction as they were led to the cells.

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