Teenager’s lips left deformed after ‘botched’ fillers from ‘rogue practitioner’

Women say their lips were left deformed following ‘botched’ filler treatments by a ‘rogue’ practitioner who refused to give refunds.

One woman claims she nearly ended up in hospital when her mouth became infected after a home visit from Ayrshire-based Cheryl Aesthetics.

The practitioner, believed to be called Cheryl Kelso, allegedly claimed to be a nurse at a Glasgow hospital.

The Daily Record reports another customer said she will take legal action against the part-time beautician after she paid £160 for “lumpy” lips.

Meanwhile several other customers have been sharing their horror stories online, claiming the practitioner changed her business name to CSC Aesthetics and blocked former clients.

Women who paid via bank transfer say the account was under the name Cheryl Kelso.

Niamh Freeburn, 19, from Ayrshire, paid around £150 for the filler after finding the Cheryl Aesthetics page last Christmas and says the results were so bad medics warned her she could have been poisoned.

Niamh said: “She didn’t have her second name on Facebook. She said she wasn’t qualified to work in a salon, just mobile, but she said she was a nurse.

"She came to my house and did it and as soon as she had done them, I stood up and I could feel lumps. She said, ‘Just massage it’.

“Over the next few days they just kept swelling up and I was waking up with pus all over my pillow.

“A few days after I got them done, she deleted Facebook and I never heard from her again.

“My lips were so infected I nearly ended up with ­septicaemia in hospital. I was on antibiotics for a month.”

Niamh says she has recently had her lips corrected.

She added: “I don’t want it happening to anyone else. I was so insecure afterwards.”

Lauren McKinnon, 25, from Kilmarnock, said she tried to complain after her lips started to go “lumpy” after her ­treatment in April but was “blocked” on social media.

She said: “I tried to message her about it and I was blocked. She took £160 from me to leave me feeling embarrassed about going to work.”

Lauren has contacted the Nursing and Midwifery Council due to Cheryl’s claims she was working as a nurse and said she is considering legal action.

She added: “The main aim is to stop this happening to other girls.”

Scores of women shared their experience on a Facebook post written by another angry customer, Morgan Graham.

Morgan said she tried to have her lips corrected after Cheryl’s procedure but was told they were too bad.

She wrote: “She came off Facebook for ages as she had ruined so many girls’ lips so nobody could get a hold of her.”

Cole Roriston, 26, from Kilmarnock, said she ­contemplated taking her own life after having the treatment at Cheryl’s Saltcoats home and had to get the filler dissolved.

She said: “The experience was terrible. It made me suicidal to the point I couldn’t take photos and feel confident.”

The Daily Record attempted to contact Cheryl but she could not be traced.

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