Terrifying dash-cam footage shows boy racer smash into lorry at 120mph

A high speed street race ended in horror when three cars travelling at "ridiculous" speeds collided on the A1 – and it was all caught on dash cam.

Tyrone Doran and girlfriend Amy Ferguson were each doing more than 100mph on their way home when stranger Farid Ferdosian decided to chase them down in his Mini Cooper.

A court heard witnesses formed the view they were racing on the A1 Western Bypass but a judge sentenced them on the basis they were not.

As Ferguson sped along the dual carriageway, a lorry indicated and began pulling out into the outside lane and because of her speed she could do nothing to avoid crashing into it, the Chronicle Live reported .

Ferdosian’s Mini then also crashed into the HGV while Doran’s VW Bora hit the Mini, flipped over twice, knocked over a lamppost and came to rest on the embankment.

Despite leaving a scene of carnage, miraculously they all escaped with only minor injuries.

The “frightening” episode of dangerous driving – police said they reached speeds of up to 120mph – was all captured on Ferdosian’s dash cam and footage revealed weeks earlier he had been doing 116mph in a 40mph zone.

Now all three have been given suspended sentences at Newcastle Crown Court for their parts in the crash two days before Christmas last year.

Recorder Jeremy Barnett said: “This is a terrible case of driving at speed for no reason in the early hours of the morning when you, Amy Ferguson, in a rush to get home, driving at a ridiculous speed, not racing but keeping up with your boyfriend, with no regard for other road users.

"I’ve seen the dash cam footage of your driving and it was frightening. How you got to walk away from this I don’t know. That footage is the most frightening I’ve seen.”

The judge, who described the driving as “horrific”, said he had planned to lock them up but changed his mind, partly because Ferguson is now pregnant.

It was shortly after 1.30am on December 23 that the crash happened near the Kingston Park junction of the A1 northbound carriageway.

Witnesses described seeing Ferguson’s white Seat Ibiza travelling at high speed, followed by Doran’s VW Bora.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch said: “A burnt orange Mini came down the slip road at Stamfordham Road and moved straight across the line at speed and caught up with the Bora.

“The Bora pulled into lane two, going side by side with the Seat.

“One witness said it looked like they were racing each other.”

Another witness saw the lorry pulling out and forcing the Seat into the central reservation and the Mini then hit the back of the HGV and span into the middle of the road, followed by the VW hitting the Mini.

All three drivers were taken to hospital but the most serious injury was to Ferdosian, who suffered a bruised kidney.

Other clips from his dash cam revealed that on October 18 on Lemington Road, Newburn, he did up to 116mph in a 40mph limit.

In the Manchester area he was also recorded hitting speeds of 130mph and 140mph, although he faces no charges for that.

When interviewed by police Ferdosian described his driving as “stupidity”.

Ferguson initially blamed the lorry driver for pulling out while Doran made no comment.

All three admitted dangerous driving and Ferdosian also admitted two offences of speeding.

Fedorian, 32, of Westgarth, Westerhope, Newcastle, was sentenced to 12 months suspended for 18 months with 70 hours unpaid work and a three year driving ban.

Ferguson, 20, and Doran, 23, both of Woodside Avenue, Seaton Delaval, were each given nine months suspended for 18 months with 40 hours unpaid work and 18 month driving bans.

Brian Hegarty, for Ferdosian, said: “He was driving at a speed which was irresponsible and he accepts it was stupid and all concerned were lucky they walked away with limited injuries.”

Mr Hegarty added that Ferdosian has two young children, manages a family store, has no previous convictions and had a clean record before this.

Kate Barnes, for Doran and Ferguson, said they were expecting their first child in October.

She said Ferguson was an inexperienced driver who accepts she was driving far too fast but they deny they were racing, adding: “The events which took place were not of their making.

“They are both of good character and have written letters and express the lesson they have learnt from this.

“They both appear to have encouraging futures. They have made a terrible mistake.”

Following the case, investigating officer PC Ronnie Brown said: “The footage that we have released speaks for itself. The standard of driving was appalling and was clearly endangering other road users.

“It is a miracle that nobody involved in this collision was killed when you consider that the vehicles were driving at speeds up to 120mph.

“Thankfully we were able to recover the dashboard camera and this enabled us to piece together exactly how the collision took place and detect the speed the vehicles were travelling at.

“It also uncovered further offences where Ferdosian had been travelling at high speeds on previous occasions, including travelling at more than 100mph in a 40mph zone.

“If these motorists had been driving within the speed limit then they would have been able to slow down when the lorry pulled into the second lane and the collision could have been avoided.

“As a traffic officer it deeply concerns me when motorists drive in such a dangerous manner, with total disregard to other road users.

“Speeding kills and one of the most difficult parts of my job is informing families that their loved one has been killed on the road.

“Thankfully nobody was killed in this case but I am glad these three dangerous drivers have been taken off the road.”

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