Terrifying great white shark with ‘organs sucked out’ washes up on beach

Beach-goers have been left horrified after a monstrous great white shark washed up on a beach half-eaten and with its organs “sucked out”.

The shocking and disturbing find was spotted on a beach in New Zealand, and experts are claiming it was down to an attack by another fearsome beast – the orca whale.

Local surfer Tao Mouldey was the first to the gory shark scene earlier this week.

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He was surfing in Tauranga, near Mount Maunganui.

Speaking to local news, he said: “It was just lying on the beach at about 6pm.

“It freaked me out a bit.

“I was a bit hesitant to get back out in the water.

“You hear about sharks a lot more out at Matakana (Island), but not at the main beach.”

The orca believed to have eaten the poor shark was thought to have been part of a new pod spotted near the harbour at the start of the week.

Orcas are known to eat sharks on rare occasions, but only if provoked.

It is thought that they love to eat shark liver meat, but they usually start with the tail – which this shark was actually missing part of.

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Waikato University's marine ecologist Phil Ross said: “"From this shark that washed up on the shore, it would have been great to get some pictures or study it to see if we can match it up to one of the sharks we have pictures of, or find out if it is a new shark.

"We could have also seen if it was born here or migrated here and understand how this shark connects to the wider shark population here and in the rest of the country."

“I would have been pretty keen to take a look at it.

“Ingesting the shark’s liver gives the orcas a charge unlike any other prey meat.

“So it is likely that the orcas become addicted to this substance and seek it out in ever greater quantities.”

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