Terrifying moment passengers scream as bus is caught in LANDSLIDE

Terrifying moment passengers scream as their bus is caught in a LANDSLIDE on narrow mountain road… with rocks bouncing off the vehicle as driver struggles to reverse to safety

  • Their bus is trapped on the tight bend as tonnes of earth rips down towards them
  • The driver tries to reverse but is caught with cars behind as passengers cry out
  • Colossal boulders bound across the road as trees are torn from the ground
  • At one point a huge rock strikes the roof as the panicking driver tries to back up 

Terrified passengers scream as their bus reverses out of a landslide with a massive rock denting its roof.

The bus was trapped on the treacherous mountain pass on Sunday after Typhoon Yuto loosened the earth two weeks ago in Bengeut in the Philippines.

As the driver approaches the bend he hears rumbling and reverses slightly as one brazen road goer stands directly in the path of the slide.

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A tree is pulled from the ground as tonnes of earth is hurled down onto the narrow mountain road in Bengeut in the Philippines

A concerned road goer walks out into the mountain pass to see how close he came to nature’s devastating force

Luckily for the driver the body work was able to withstand the impact of a huge boulder which dented his roof, as its impact shows over his steering wheel

At first the driver reverses a few feet, thinking he is in the clear but as the ferocity of the landslide increases he realizes they are not safe.

He frantically tries to back up but cannot move with cars queued behind him. 

Passengers cry out as the earth’s velocity can be heard as it tears trees from the ground and dislodges huge boulders.

One of the rocks falls onto the roof and makes a dent above the driver’s seat.

Miraculously nobody was injured after the landslide in the disaster-hit region of the Luzon Island, the most northern part of the Philippines.

Onlooker Kersee Masillem said: ‘We heard a rumble that was slowly getting louder like it was coming near so we knew there would be a landslide.

‘The driver decided to stop. What we didn’t expect is that it would be that bad. We had fine weather that day.

A wall of earth blocks the view of the road as it flows with harrowing speed before screaming passengers

Boulders can be seen flying through the air as the earth begins sliding from the steep sides over the bend in the road

The aftermath of the landslide’s demolition of the land can be seen as one man gets out to inspect

‘The bus driver was not able to reverse the vehicle right away because there were cars behind. It was very, very scary. I’m thankful nobody was hurt.’

Several people were killed last week when Typhoon Yutu swept across the region bringing 87 mile per hour winds and 142 mile per hour gusts.

It came six weeks after super typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) caused nearly 50 landslides in the Cordilleras, killing more than 70 people.

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