Texas man, 64, executed by lethal injection for stabbing two to death

Texas man, 64, executed by lethal injection for stabbing 89-year-old woman and her daughter to death launches into four-minute speech before he takes his last breath

  • Billy Crutsinger, 64, of Texas, was executed by lethal injection on Wednesday
  • He was convicted of murdering Pearl Magouirk, 89, and Patricia Syrenat, 71
  • Crutsinger stabbed them at least 16 times before slitting their throats and fled
  • He was sentenced to death in 2003, the same year of the killings
  • In his final words he said he was going somewhere ‘everything will be in color’ 
  • After being injected with pentobarbitral he died 13 minutes later

Billy Crutsinger (above), 64, was put to death by lethal injection in Texas on Wednesday. He was found guilty of murdering a mother aged 89 and her daugthter who was 71

A man put to death by lethal injection for murdering an 89-year-old woman and her elderly daughter launched into a four-minute speech before taking his final breath.

Billy Crutsinger, 64, was declared dead at 6:40pm CDT at the state’s death chamber in Huntsville, the Texas Department of Justice said in a statement. 

He stabbed Pearl Magouirk and her daughter Patricia Syrenat, 71, at least 16 times in total before slitting their throats and escaping with their credit cards and Cadillac car in 2003.

Crutsinger was sentenced to execution by a jury the same year as the murders, after he confessed to police and DNA evidence in multiple locations tied him to the killings.

In a final statement the murderer said he would miss ‘pancakes’ and ‘old-time black-and-white’ shows because where he was going ‘everything will be in color,’ the Houston Chronicle reported.

As part of the lengthy monologue, which surpassed four minutes, he said: ‘There is a lot of this I don´t understand but the system is not completely right.

‘It´s not completely wrong but, it is something that has to be done until something better comes along.’

One of the death chambers in ‘The Walls’ in Huntsville, Texas, where Crutsinger could have spent his final moments of life 

‘The Walls’ prison in Huntsville, Texas, where Crutsinger would have spent his final days

Crutsinger added: ‘I’m at peace now and ready to go and be with Jesus and my family.’ 

He thanked three friends who witnessed the execution – no one from the victims’ family was present – and was administered a lethal dose of pentobarbitral.

It took 13 minutes for Crutsinger to be pronounced dead.

Shortly after the injection he said he could feel the fluid in his left arm and that ‘it’s kind of burning.’ 

From there he began coughing and breathing heavily, then he made a snoring noise at least 29 times before he stopped moving, according to the Chronicle.

Crutsinger committed the murder on April 6 after entering the home of Magouirk and Syrenat, who knew their attacker and had previously offered him work.

Detectives later arrested Crutsinger in Galveston, where he had used Syren’s credit card in several bars, court documents showed.

Crutsinger confessed to police that he had killed the two women and taken their property. He also told them where they could find evidence, court papers said.

Investigators found DNA evidence that matched Crutsinger and the victims on a broken knife found in a bathroom in the victims’ home, inside Syren’s vehicle that was abandoned at a bar and on men’s clothing found in a trash bin near the car, court documents said.

Crutsinger (left) was sentenced to death by a jury in 2003, the same year as the murders. He was sent to death row (right) and has since had appeals sent to the U.S. Supreme Court rejected 

 Death chamber gurney at the Huntsville prison in Texas. The State of Texas adopted lethal injection as a means of execution in 1977. The first lethal injection in the country was performed in the Huntsville death chamber on December 7, 1982. Since the execution of Charlie Brooks Jr., Texas has performed a total of 241 executions by lethal injection

Michele Hartman one of the prosecutors said at the time: ‘The defendant stabbed two elderly women to death in their own home. 

‘They had offered him a chance at honest work. The loss of mother and daughter Pearl Magouirk and Pat Syren is still felt deeply by their family and the Fort Worth community.  

‘Our sympathy and thoughts continue to be with them,’ as reported by the Chronicle.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined requests from Crutsinger’s attorney Lydia Brandt to stop the execution. 

She claimed his previous lawyer was incompetent and did not bring up his battle with ‘the disease of alcoholism’ and other problems he faced.

Brandt argued that the jury also did not hear about his ‘history of domestic violence and abuse, and repeated losses of significant friends and relatives.’ 

Crutsinger was described as ‘spiraling downward much of his adult life’ by the attorney. He had three failed marriages and rage from drinking, the Chronicle reported.

Three months before the killing he allegedly became homeless and desperate after his wife kicked him out, along with his mother who stopped helping him.

It’s claimed that Crutsinger flew into an alcoholic rage after realizing his victims did not have enough work to offer him much financial relief.  

Crutsinger was the fifth inmate in Texas and the 14th in the United States to be executed in 2019, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.  

Texas leads the United States in executions since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976 – there are currently ten more scheduled for this year.

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