The Queen had to re-record last year’s Christmas message for a bizarre reason

She may have been praised for her professionalism by broadcasters but the Queen was made to re-record last year’s Christmas message – because of a bird.

While she’s dubbed ‘One-Take Windsor’ for always getting it right first time matters were taken out of her hands when chirping from the Buckingham Palace garden interrupted her mid-flow, Mail Online reports.

New documentary Queen Of The World shows her responding to a member of the production team who asked her to "redo it from the top".

"From the top of the second page?" she inquires, to which he responds: "From the very start."

"You want the whole thing again?" she asks. "If possible" comes the reply, prompting a chuckle from the monarch.

The ITV documentary, airing at 9.15pm on Tuesday, goes behind the scenes at the palace and also features Royal Yacht Britannia, which was decommissioned 21 years ago.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne were the first royals aboard, aged five and three, and were immediately put to work.

The Princess Royal revealed they were kept very busy, with lots of scrubbing and polishing to be done.

Long-serving Royal Yachtsman Ellis Norrell told ITV Prince Charles was treated like one of the crew but once made the mistake of disturbing a sleeping sailor.

He revealed the sailor "picked him up by the scruff of the neck and said, ‘Don’t you do that again or you’ll never live to be King,’ and put him down."

A former on-board chef recounts how Her Royal Highness would be given the menu at breakfast and would cross off things she didn’t want and write what she would rather have, prompting a mad panic.

Se also had strong opinions on cinema, another former royal yachtsmen explained, and didn’t like westerns.

Prince Charles is also shown paying tribute to his mother for taking on the "enormous task" of being Queen from the age of 25, saying it "jolly well isn’t" as effortless as it appears.

At another point Prince Harry is seen chatting to a group of youngsters from the Caribbean who have been invited to work and train at the palace and Windsor Castle.

They joke that they have parties every night, with Harry responding: "Oh dear."

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