The Superman disguise: Suspect wore glasses to hide from U.K. police

Glasses should be the perfect disguise, right? Just ask Superman.

Police in the United Kingdom say they identified and captured a robbery suspect who tried to “change his image” by putting on a pair of glasses to elude capture.

David Springthorpe was recently detained after a short chase with an officer in South Normanton, U.K., according to a Facebook post by the Alfreton police department. Springthorpe was wanted on shoplifting offences.

The 30-year-old was wanted on charges of shoplifting and breaching a court order at the time, Yahoo News U.K. reports.

“Springthorpe has recently changed his image by sporting a pair of glasses,” police wrote on Facebook. “Fortunately, this was not quite cunning enough to outsmart the team!”

Springthorpe was convicted of theft and sentenced to a 30-week custodial sentence, police said.

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