These hilarious drunken poses are the mirror image of the best workout positions

These hilarious snaps show the contrast between the serene yoga poses and the rather less elegant drunken alternatives.

We've got them all – from the classic face-in-the-toilet-bowl for beginners to the more complex slumped-over-a-bicycle which probably shouldn't be attempted by a novice.

Then there's the sprawled-out-on-the-bed-fully-clothed which just about anyone can do to the rather impressive crashing-out-while-sat-on-the-loo.

Also taking quite some skill is the slumped-headfirst-over-the-parkbench – which no doubt takes some doing.

But remember kids, drinking to excess is not big and not clever – but it is quite funny when your mates take the photos.

Silver machine

Flushed with success

Counting backwards

Bench press

Bed of roses

Sleep it off

Yodelling down the great white telephone

Fight for your right to party

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