Thieves smash way into Britain's first Royal Donuts to find empty till

What a pair of doughnuts! Thieves smash their way into Britain’s first branch of Royal Donuts only to find till is empty – so they have to make do with a tray of the baked treats instead

  • The two thugs kicked down the door in Cardiff at 2.41am on January, 24 
  • This is the second time in three weeks that Royal Doughnuts was targetted 

Shocking CCTV footage showed a doughnut shop getting burgled for the second time in three weeks. 

The two thugs smashed through the Royal Doughnuts’ glass door in Grangetown, Cardiff at 2.41am on January, 24, 2023. 

To the burglar’s disappointment when they jumped over the counter to find the cash register empty, they went on to steal a tray of doughnuts worth just £45. 

The footage shows the two people arriving on two white bicycles dressed in dark clothing. 

The pair wore hooded jackets which hid their faces from the CCTV cameras. One thus kept watch outside while the other smashed through the door and lept over the counter. 

Once the thug realised the till was empty they proceeded to steal a tray of six doughnuts which they then add an extra three to. 

The person jumps back over the shop counter and returns to their accomplice outside. The two walk off down Clare Road holding their bicycles and and the steel tray of doughnuts at their side. 

The shop till was empty this time but this was sadly not the case three weeks ago. 

Royal Doughnuts was also targetted on 2, January, when two burglars stole £200 which had been left in the till overnight and another tray of doughnuts. 

The pair dressed in hooded dark clothing  smashed Royal Doughnut’s glass door in Grangetown, Cardiff at 2.41am on January, 24, 2023

One accomplice waits outside while the other jumps over the counter to check the till

When the thug realises the till is emty they then head for the doughnuts and steal nine in total

The pair make off with the food and walk down Clare Road holding the steel tray of doughnuts and the bicycles

Steve Ibrahim, 26, opened this German dessert chain store on December 17. 

Steve told the Cardffian: ‘I feel disappointed, I worked really hard to get where I am now opening this shop,

‘The licence for the franchise was very expensive and I spent a lot of money on the design and everything else and to know that twice it’s been broken into in the space of less than a month is just very disappointing.

‘A couple more break-ins and I could close (permanently). 

‘Which means the couple of staff I have could lose their jobs, I lose my job, and the community loses a nice treat shop that they can come to.’ 

Steve is not alone in being targeted. South Wales Police are investigating three other reported burglaries on the same morning. 

There were 262 crimes reported surrounding Grangetown, Cardiff, Cymru / Wales in November 2022, according to UK Crime Statistics. 

Most crimes occurred on or near Leckwith Road just 1.8 miles from the doughnut shop. 

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