Thieves steal world's biggest BUNNY from ex-Playboy model

Who’s in the frame? Thieves steal world’s biggest BUNNY ‘Darius’ from ex-Playboy model who spent £10,000 on surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit

  • World record holder Darius was taken from a Worcestershire home this weekend
  • Owner Annette Edwards has offered a £1,000 reward for the bunny’s safe return
  • Ms Edwards, model and former page 3 girl, is an expert at breeding large rabbits
  • Sharing news on Twitter she says Darius, who is 4ft 3ins long, is too old to breed

A former Playboy model is offering £1,000 reward after her world record holding bunny was stolen from her home.

Annette Edwards shared the heartbreaking news on social media after the world’s largest bunny Darius was stolen at the weekend.

Ms Edwards, who once hit headlines herself for spending thousands of pounds to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, has been breeding bunnies for more than a decade and has often owned record-breaking bunnies.

Model Annette Edwards, 68, is offering £1,000 reward after her record-breaking bunny Darius (pictured with Annette) was stolen from her home this weekend, sparking police investigation

Ten-year-old Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, is the current record-holder measuring at 4ft and 4ins.

But Darius was stolen from Annette’s home in Stoulton, Worcestershire, this weekend, sparking a police investigation.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Ms Edwards wrote: ‘A very sad day. Guinness world record Darius has been stolen from his home.

‘The police are doing there best to find out who has taken him. There is a reward of a £1,000. Darius is to old to breed now. So please bring him back.’

Model Annette, 69, has owned more than 100 rabbits in her time as a breeder and has held the record for the world’s largest rabbit since 2008.

The Continental Giant rabbit breed dates back to the mid 16th century when it was bred for its meat and fur.

Annette Edwards holds the record for the oldest ever page 3 model which she got at the age of 60 and once hit headlines for spending £10,000 to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit

They are known to behave more like dogs than other rabbits and can be trained to play games and perform tricks.

The average lifespan is four or five years but they have been known to live longer.

Darius is her fourth rabbit to hold the title and he is set to be overtaken by his children Lewis and Daisy May who both already measure over 4ft in length.

The rabbits cost £500 a time for personal appearances and have regularly appeared on television — including the Paul O’Grady Show. 

Although Ms Edwards says he is now too old to breed, his babies once sold for around £250 each.

Costing about £5,000 a year, the mother-of-ten feeds the bunnies 2,000 carrots and 700 apples a year and says the trick to breeding a large rabbit is to make sure both its parents are large as well and to not interbreed. 

Giant genes: World record holder Darius is pictured in 2015 with his son Jeff

But Ms Edwards’ fascination with rabbits doesn’t end there as she once hit headlines for spending thousands of pounds to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. 

The former Playboy model spent around £10,000 on cheek implants, chin implants, and a breast lift to get the signature curvy look and also went on a strict diet, losing three stone in three months.

West Mercia Police have been contacted for comment. 

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