This Lobster Roll Is a Bargain. Really.

This holiday indulgence is more bluejeans than blue blood. The buttery lobster rolls at several Luke’s Lobster locations can now be ordered through the end of the year with a little tin of Petrossian caviar (baerii sturgeon labeled Baika from Lake Baikal in Siberia) to garnish the lobster ($45, including a bag of potato chips). Do the math: The lobster roll is usually $16, and here you get 20 grams of caviar, which regularly costs $65 for 30 grams. It’s a deal, especially if two of you buy one additional plain lobster roll and share the caviar (there is enough, even though there never is enough).

Luke’s Lobster at 242 East 81st Street (Second Avenue), 426 Amsterdam Avenue (West 80th Street), the Plaza Food Hall 1 West 59th Street (Fifth Avenue), and 26 South William Street (Broad Street) in New York, and at locations in Las Vegas, Boston and Washington, where prices may vary,

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