Thousands of Brits pull sickies to bask in sunshine on 'toasty Tuesday'

Sun-lovers were pictured stripping off in parks and beaches on Tuesday afternoon to enjoy peak temperatures of 28C.

"Very hot sunshine" sweeped the country on Tuesday, with those in the east, particularly the south east, enjoying the bluest skies.

Brian Gaze, a forecaster for The Weather Outlook, told the Manchester Evening News he expected a rise absences on what he called "toasty Tuesday".

He added: "Employers should not be surprised to see an increase in sick days as employees bunk off to take advantage of the last of the heat.

"It was a glorious BBQ Bank Holiday Monday. Many Brits who headed to Europe for the weekend would have been better off staying home."

Experts have previously linked an increase in sunny weather to a decrease in the productivity of workers.

Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has found seven in ten Brit workers are tempted to phone in sick during hot weather.

Those who flocked to enjoy the balmy weather may appear smug as forecasters do not expect Tuesday's "toasty" weather to last.

A Met Office forecaster told Sun Online a cooler band of rain will make its way across the UK tomorrow.

The warm weather might trigger thunderstorms late Tuesday afternoon and into the evening, most likely in East Anglia, London and the South East, the Met Office said.

It will be cloudy in the North West on Wednesday with the odd outbreak heavy rain later in the day.

Elsewhere, forecasters expect it will be much drier and brighter, but with lower highs of 22C, than recent days.

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