Thousands of Cambridge Uni students flock to Jesus Park in fancy dress

It’s all kicked toff! Cambridge students flock to Jesus Park for the annual ‘Caesarian Sunday’ booze-up that signals the start of the summer-long drinking season

  • More than 2,000 undergraduates descended on Cambridge park for ‘Caesarian Sunday’ drinking party 
  • Students, many of whom were wearing fancy dress, spent the afternoon playing boozy drinking games 
  • ‘Caesarian Sunday’ marks beginning of drinking parties for summer term – ending with ‘Suicide Sunday’ 

Thousands of Cambridge University students descended on a park today in the scorching sunshine for the annual ‘Caesarian Sunday’ drinking party.

Undergraduates at the prestigious institution spent the afternoon playing drinking games in fancy dress on Jesus Green – just yards away from families enjoying the Bank Holiday sunshine.

By the end of the afternoon several students were a little wobbly after consuming copious amounts of booze.

A big group of girls dressed up as cheerleaders and play fought on the grass while three male friends wore Oompa Loompa costumes and posed for a picture.

Caesarian Sunday is seen as the final party before students get their heads down and revise for exams. The summer term ends with the notorious after-exams party, Suicide Sunday, in June. 

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The three amigos! A trio of students wore Oompa Loompa costumes and sipped on cans of lager in the scorching sunshine

Go Cambridge! A group of cheerleaders showed off their flexibility while enjoying the Spring sunshine in Jesus Park

Four girls wearing hats with ‘Nun’ written on them pose up for a picture while clutching their alcoholic drinks 

He’ll be hot under there! A student sports a cheetah morph suit while driving an electric scooter around the park

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    One student is seen wearing a shark costume while his friend has what looks like a fish themed paddling pool around his head

    Girls play wrestled each other on the grass as the drinks started flowing and students celebrated one last blow out before their exams

    Three friends enjoy the party in their fancy dress as trolleys filled with empty booze can be seen in the background

    Transporting the goods! Cambridge Uni student carries a crate of Coors Light lager around the park with his friend doing the same, closely behind

    They’re off their trolleys! Students went over to a shopping cart filled with booze to pick up their alcoholic beverages 

    Four friends raise their glasses to a boozey day in the sun at Jesus Park in Cambridge

    Two birds, one stone! A student in a red floral dress celebrated her 21st birthday at the same time as Caesarian Sunday

    The tiara twins: Two friends were a bit wobbly on their feet after consuming a few glasses of bubbly in the park

    Nothing to see here: Police patrolled the park on foot to make sure the party never got out of hand

    Out for the count: A student lies down with his hand on his head mid-way through the party… the combination of blistering heat and lots of booze might have played a part

    The annual Caeserean Party is seen as the final party before students get their heads down and revise for exams. The summer term ends with the notorious after-exams party, Suicide Sunday, in June

    Peace out! Thousands of students from the prestigious Cambridge University descended on the park and soaked up the sun

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