Thrifty TikTok mom shows why buying baby toys can be a waste and what her tot plays with instead

A THRIFTY TikTok mom showed why buying baby toys can be a waste – and what her tot plays with instead.

The hilarious money-saving video shows a tot choosing to play with common household items over their baby toys.

The mom shared text at the start of the TikTok video, saying: "Why you don't need to buy your baby toys."

She then placed sets of items in front of her baby – letting them choose which ones they would like to play with.

First, she set down a colorful toddler remote, followed by a black television remote.

The tot reaches for the TV remote instead of the bright baby toy.

Then, the mom put down a baby book and a plastic package in front of her baby – and they chose to play with the latter.

Next, the mom set down a toy toddler phone, and an iPhone.

The baby's hand went straight for the smartphone.

Users got a kick out of the baby's choices and the mom's tip.

One user wrote: "kids are clever they want the reall (sic) stuff."

"So much money saved!" another user commented with laughing emojis.

Another user suggested: "it's cause they curious and want to explore the items that they have not been exposed to-such as remote."

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