TikTok pranksters slammed for eating KFC Zinger Box in front of vegan protesters

A pair of TikTok pranksters have been slammed for devouring a KFC Zinger Box in front of vegan protesters.

Nick and Bill claimed they were heroes when they uploaded a video of them eating chicken pieces and burgers on the street near the Royal Arcade in Melbourne, Australia.

In the clip, two plant-based activists are seen talking to Nick and Bill when one of them asks: "Mate, do you want a bite?"

One protester replies calmly: "I answered your question didn't I? I said no."

Bill shows them the burger before saying: "Better luck next time."

The vegan protester, who wears a black cap and black outfit, then adds: "I actually really appreciate these guys being here, it's creating a spectacle for others."

While the group are facing each other in a standoff position, Nick and Bill carry on sinking their teeth into the meat and listening to a woman explaining about veganism.

They wrote in the caption stating "not all super heroes have capes" and admitted in the comments that it is "extremely funny" to do so.

It is clear that the pair are anti-vegan, but viewers thought it was disrespectful to the protesters.

One said: "I ain't vegan but surely we should draw a line where the disrespect goes too far."

Another commented: "It shouldn't be war, we should respect their choice and they respect ours. This is not the way nor humane."

But some supported their move and said it's about freedom of speech and equality.

A viewer wrote: "They’re pushing their veganism on the public, so what’s wrong with what the boys are doing. Freedom people."

A second added: "If they’re pushing their ideas on us, we can push our ideas on them."

This is not the first time the duo tried out the stunt.

In a video posted to TikTok in November, the pair were again seen eating KFC in front of protesters at what appeared to be the same location.

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