TikTok stars The Smith Family did NOT start blaze, police say

TikTok stars The Smith Family WERE victims of arson and did NOT start blaze that wrecked their home themselves, police say

  • Police say The Smithy Family have been trolled over arson attack on their home
  • Their semi-detached home in south east London, was destroyed earlier this year
  • Trolls on social media accused the family of starting the blaze themselves
  • Met Police said the family are not suspects and incident is being treated as arson

A TikTok family with millions of followers whose house was destroyed in a suspected arson attack have been trolled on social media and blamed for the blaze, police said.

The Smithy Family, who have around 2.6 million followers on the social media platform, saw their semi-detached home in Welling, south east London, wrecked in a devastating inferno earlier this year.

Since the fire the family-of-five have received ‘baseless allegations on social media that they are responsible’, investigators said.

The Met Police said yesterday the family are not suspects and the blaze is being treated as arson.

TikTok stars The Smithy Family (pictured is the father of the family, Nick) whose house was destroyed in a suspected arson attack have been trolled on social media and blamed for the blaze, police said 

The Met Police said yesterday the family (pictured) are not suspects and the blaze is being treated as arson

CCTV footage showed two suspects appearing to set fire to a Ford S-Max on the drive outside the home using a milk carton filled with petrol between 10.30pm and 11pm on the night of July 14.

Nick Smith – described as a ‘pest in a vest’ by neighbours – and his family, believe their home was set alight because of their new found social media fame.

He said at the time he and his family will never be able to live in the house again as they fear they are being targeted.

In the weeks leading up to the attack, the family were sent ’95 takeaways and prostitutes’ by ‘jealous haters’ before the fire after their address was leaked online.

The fire broke out at 10.45pm on July 14. The flames and heat from the blazing car destroyed the front door and damaged some of the windows while the smoke blackened the whole of the front of the property

The family’s ‘funny’ and ‘heart-warming’ videos attracted a large following since Mr Smith joined TikTok a couple of years ago – but has since attracted unwanted attention.

Nick Smith, 33, said at the time of the fire some on social media were ‘trying to claim glory’ for burning their house down – where his partner, Jess, was born.

Neighbours came to the family’s aid as the blaze took hold, helping carry their two daughters and six-week-old baby boy over the back garden fence to safety.

Despite the seriousness of the fire, no one was injured and as yet no arrests have been made, police said.

Shocking camera phone footage – obtained by MailOnline – showed the family’s car on fire on their driveway as mini-explosions can be heard

Detectives this week again called for anyone who has information about the arson attack to come forward.

Detective Sergeant Danny Banks, from the Met’s Serious and Complex Investigations Unit, said: ‘The victims in this incident are prominent on social media and have suffered a hugely distressing ordeal, not least because they have lost their home but have also since suffered baseless allegations on social media that they are responsible for this incident.

‘I am happy to state that they are not and remain supportive of our investigation. It is vital we hear from anyone with information.’

A Fiat Punto police wanted to trace as part of the investigation has now been eliminated from inquiries.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or tweet @MetCC quoting CAD 8350/14July.

Social media users were left furious after Nick (pictured above), 33, posted a video showing him laughing while riding around a jet-ski, asking: ‘What are you doing, eh?’

Information can also be handed in anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit Crimestoppers-uk.org.

It comes after The Smithy Family were slammed for buying a jet ski after fans of their videos raised £50,000 to help fix their fire-ravaged home.

A GoFundMe page was set up in aid of the family, raising £50,000 – £30,000 of which is being donated back to various fundraisers and charities.

But social media users were left furious after Nick posted a video showing him laughing while riding around a jet-ski, asking: ‘What are you doing, eh?’

The clip was posted to the Smithy Family’s TikTok page, on which they have accumulated over 3.3million followers by uploading videos of their exploits.

The Smithy Family: How a builder turned his partner and children into TikTok superstars

The Smithy Family first gained notoriety on TikTok during lockdown.

Father Nick Smith and his partner Jess shared funny videos of their children Amelia, six, and Isabella, nine.

Jess’ half-brother Jack, 16, also appears regularly in the videos, as does Nick’s son Ben, 13.

He launched the account when his daughter said he was ‘too embarrassing’ to appear on her TikTok so had to create his own.

Mr Smith – who has ADHD – used his regular posting schedule of around 15 videos per day to keep him focused and in a steady routine in lockdown.

The family was so popular, Mr Smith was able to give up his job as a builder to do social media full time.

They share clips of family life, along with sketches. Their TikTok bio reads: ‘Life’s what you make it so make it good.’ 

Mr Smith has not revealed how much the family earn, but admitted the income from their Facebook page alone is more than what he made as a builder.  

The Smiths also use their platform to raise money for charity.

They collected £60,000 worth of gifts for the Salvation Army over Christmas.

They now have 2.5million followers on TikTok. 

In the video, reported by The Sun, Nick says: ‘To the people that are so caught up in my life, so anxious about what I am doing or how I am spending my money, when you’re not focusing on your own life we’ve gone through hell and back. 

‘We’re still smiling. We’re still pushing forwards, we’re still working, we’re still earning money and we’re still smiling and enjoying life.

‘What are you doing? What are you doing, eh?’

He then laughs while facing the camera, shouting: ‘Negative people only get negative things in life. Don’t be a negative person.’

One TikTok user commented: ‘He’s laughing at everyone who donated to him.’

Another wrote: ‘Wow I regret donating now. Actually can I have my 50 quid back please?’ 

And a third added: ‘Couldn’t pay for house renovations but can buy a jet ski! Feel sorry for all the people who donated to the GoFundMe page.’

However, in another video posted today, Nick and Jess said they are a passing on a large sum of the money donated to other charities.

They told followers: ‘As you know, £47,000 was raised in our name after the fire. We’re very appreciative and thankful for everyone that donated.

‘Even though we didn’t ask for this, we are passing this on to other causes and charities. 

‘We have done £13,000 to a family that lost everything in a fire in Croydon, we gave a small amount to each neighbour next door to cover their excess and anything that wasn’t going to be replaced.

‘We’ve also done £6,900-and-something-ish to the MS Society. And you all chose and commented the Azaylia Foundation, which we have donated this morning to.’ 

The family had decided to leave TikTok after the suspected arson attack, but have since rejoined the popular Chinese social media site.

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