Toddler survives swallowing dummy whole and mum finds it in nappy the next day

Changing a nappy can often result in the unexpected, but for one mum, finding her daughter’s missing dummy was the last thing she expected.

Stacey Willett said her 18-month-old daughter Aurora must have swallowed the dummy while she was having an afternoon nap and passed it internally.

She said the toddler’s behaviour had been unusual and that she was failing to settle later that night.

Stacey said: "She pretty much just swallowed her dummy while she was asleep.

"I was so scared, I thought that she would have internal injuries or something like that but it was really lucky."

According to a hospital spokeswoman, Aurora was admitted to hospital but thankfully only suffered a minor tear in her intestine while passing the dummy, the The Daily Mercury in Queensland, Australia reported.

Dr Paul Colditz, an infant health specialist at the Royal Brisbane Woman’s Hospital, said the incident was a rare case.

"I’ve never heard of anything like it before, I think this must be a bit of a freak accident."

Stacey told Nine News Queensland she wanted to warn other parents of the potential danger.

She said: "It’s eye-opening that something that’s made with a big plastic piece to not go down the baby’s throat, can go down the baby’s throat.

She said she had three other children and nothing like the incident had ever happened before.

"I just want to warn other parents to be careful because it can happen and it did happen."

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