Toronto van victim’s grandson rages at suspect: ‘You’re lucky you’re in jail’

More people from among the 10 killed by suspected van attacker Alek Minassian have been identified, including a chef, a man who traveled from Jordan to visit his son in Canada, and a grandmother who loved Toronto sports teams.

Dorothy Sewell, 80, was an avid sports fan who adored the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs and “the best grandmother anyone could have asked for,” grandson Elwood Delaney told the Toronto Star.

“Alek Minassian you are very lucky you are in a jail on the other side of the country, cause If I was there you would be in the ground,” Delaney wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday. “I love you Dorothy Sewell. You will always be loved and your love for sports will always be with me while I cheer with you.”

After retiring from Sears, Sewell volunteered to help other seniors at her church and was the kind of person who “never forgot a birthday, anniversary or Christmas Card,” family friend Stephen Chadderton wrote in a Facebook post.

Also among those killed was Munir Najjar, a Jordanian citizen who came to Toronto a few times a year with his wife to visit their son, Omar.

Family friend Kandoush Aleid described the father-of-two to Buzzfeed as “a lovely, kind person and full of life.”

“He liked to make jokes and laugh,” she said, adding that he “was so excited about being in Canada and being able to spend time with his son.”

In a letter to his employees Tuesday, Michael Rudan, the owner of Copacabana, a Brazilian steakhouse in Toronto, confirmed that chef Chul Min “Eddie” Kang died in the attack.

“He was an amazing chef. But he was an even more amazing person,” he told The Star. “His smile would always light up the room.”

Kang was in his early 30s and leaves behind a wife, the Globe and Mail reported.

The first victim identified was Anne-Marie D’Amico, 30, who worked at US investment firm Invesco and spent a lot of her time volunteering and helping others.

“She genuinely wanted to care for all those around her even if it meant sacrificing a portion of herself for others happiness,” her family said in a statement. “She only had kindness in her.”

Seneca College said a female student was among those killed but didn’t provide further details.

“She was, along with nine others, an innocent victim of this tragic act of violence,” college president David Agnew said in a statement. “I want to extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.”

A South Korean government officials said that two Korean citizens were among the dead and another injured in the rampage.

Toronto police Sgt. Graham Gibson said Tuesday that Minassian’s victims were “predominantly female,” though investigators aren’t sure if he intentionally targeted women.

In a disturbing Facebook post he wrote shortly before the massacre, he identified himself as an “incel” — or involuntary celibate. In it, Minassian also praised deranged loser Elliot Rodger, who went on a rampage in 2013, killing six people and injuring 14.

Rodger’s spree, which ended when he took his own life, was fueled by a lifetime hatred of women for rejecting him romantically.

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