Tourist falls 250ft to her death while posing for picture

A mother is believed to have fallen more than 250ft to her death while trying to pose for holiday selfie.

Police in Australia have launched an investigation into how the woman, form Craigiebourne, Melbourne, died.

The incident took place on Saturday at around 3pm at Borora Lookout in the Grampians National Park, Victoria state.

Cops say the death is not being treated as suspicious according to the Herald Sun, after the 38 year-old woman climbed past a safety barrier and is believed to have slipped.

A joint operation, organised between Victoria Police and the State Emergency service (SES), took six hours to recover the body from the scene.

According to the Mirror an SES spokeswoman said: "Originally there was a plan in place for us to send a search and rescue team, but then we realised the significance of the incident."

It is believed the tragic accident happened as the woman tried to pose for a picture in front of her family.

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A spokeswoman for the SES said the deceased woman had fallen "at least" 80 metres after climbing over the railing and units from four regions attended the fall. They took specialist rescue equipment and were supported by a police helicopter.

Boroka Lookout is near Halls Gap, about 270 kilometres northwest of Melbourne.

It is a popular tourist site with panoramic views of the east Grampians after a five-minute walk from the car park.

The Age reported Victoria state's police minister Lisa Neville called for people not to risk their lives chasing "extreme" photos for social media.

Ms Neville said while the death was tragic, authorities could not barricade every dangerous spot in popular tourist areas to avoid deaths by misadventure.

"In the end, we can’t rope off every part of Victoria. People have to take responsibility," Ms Neville said on Sunday. "That is dangerous behaviour."

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