Trevor Bauer accuser 'EDITED her sexual assault injury photos' and 'lied about having a fractured skull'

TREVOR Bauer's alleged victim has been accused of editing her injury pictures and lying about having a skull fracture by the baseball star's lawyers.

The woman – who has been identified as Ms Hill by her lawyers – is said have "deliberately mischaracterized her medical records" and "given a misleading impression of her injuries," according to new court documents.

In the court documents obtained by The Sun Bauer's lawyers state pictures of her cuts and bruises "appear to be edited or filtered in a manner to give a misleading or false impression of her injuries."

They also claim she "she deliberately mischaracterized her medical records to obtain rnaximum media attention."

The legal document adds: "Despite CT scans showing no fractures in her head, face, and neck…petitioner nonetheless stated in her afdavit that she had 14 “signs of a basilar skull fracture"…when she denitively knew that her own CT scans had ruled out any fracture."

The Sun has contacted the alleged victim's lawyers for comment.

Bauer’s court docs also allege that messages said to have been sent by Hill appear to show she also told friends how she wanted to end Bauer's career.

“OKAY SO,” the accuser allegedly wrote. “monday, my attorneys notify trevor, his agent, and the dodgers manager that we are filing a civil restraining order. THEN. tuesday the restraining is filed. And it will be picked up by the media. And his life is ~over. THANK YOU GOD. FINALLY”

The person that she was texting responded writing “F**K YES FINALLY!!” to which the woman responded “LETS F**KING DO THIS S**T”

The accuser then went on to say that she “might literally have to hide” at her friend's house.

Bauer has been accused of sexually assaulting the woman but has aggressively challenged such accusations, claiming all encounters were consensual.

His lawyers have said "no settlements or cash offers have or ever will be made."


The new documents were filed by Bauer's lawyers as part of their attempts to deny a request for a permanent domestic violence order ahead of his August 16 hearing.

In discussing the restraining order they add: "[Bauer's accuser] has taken a proceeding designed to prevent future acts of 'domestic violence,' and turned it into a tool for attracting media attention and attempting to end [Bauer's] baseball career."

It comes just one week after the woman encouraged the publishing of an unredacted image that she claims displays the horror injuries she suffered at the hands of the pitcher.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, asked TMZ Sports to publish the photograph, which was later obtained by The Sun and appears to show the woman with two black eyes and her face and lips swollen.

On Thursday, Freedman said such injuries could not be caused by a consensual sexual encounter and that the alleged victim and her family had requested the photo be released.

He said: “Look at this picture. No one – absolutely no one – can consent to this, logically or legally. Trevor Bauer’s team continues to try to abuse an assault victim. They need to stop. Now.”


Bauer was put on leave by Major League Baseball on July 2, after the woman received a temporary restraining order against the pitcher and her assault allegations became public.

In response to the released image, Bauer’s attorneys, Shawn Holley and Jon Fetterolf, told TMZ: “Unlike Mr. Freedman and the woman’s legal team, we are not interested in trying a restraining order petition through the media.

"Relevant and previously omitted messages from the woman were attached as an exhibit to a routine motion to strike a so-called expert the Petitioner has proposed to testify on the issue of consent.”

The baseball star’s legal team also accused Freedman of violating a court order by releasing a photo “the court previously ruled was to remain private. They have since retracted that photo and circulated one that is inconsistent with other photographic evidence in the case.”

According to the papers, the woman said that Bauer choked her unconscious and then abused her one night in May.

She also claims that, during an earlier encounter in April, Bauer sodomized her without her consent, according to court papers.

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