Trump autographs photos of ‘Angel Family’ murder victims, comments about their looks

President Trump honored “American victims of illegal immigration” on Friday — by autographing photos of their dead loved ones and quipping about their physical appearance.

“This is Tom Selleck, except better looking,” Trump said at one point during the ceremony, in reference to a murder victim who was pictured with a mustache.

“Right?” Trump asked jokingly. “Better looking.”

The event on Friday was meant to honor people living in the US who were killed by undocumented immigrants, dubbed “Angel Families” by the Trump administration.

“These are the American citizens permanently separated from their loved ones,” the president said. “The word ‘permanently’ being the word that you have to think about. Permanently. They are not separated for a day or two days. Permanently separated…because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens.”

Families standing on stage with Trump during his speech could be seen holding the pictures of the deceased — all of which appeared to feature his signature. The president later posted a photo on Twitter, also showing the autographed portraits. It was not clear if he voluntarily signed the pics or was asked to by the families.

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