Trump Baby Blimp Finally Flies Over London During His Visit — Watch The Wild Video

Well, this is absolutely hysterical! Amidst the angry anti-Trump protests in London, outraged Brits flew a massive Donald Trump baby blimp with mini hands through the sky! You’ve got to see this!

Donald Trump‘s visit to London didn’t exactly go as planned on Friday, July 13. As the president, 72, and First lady Melania Trump, 48, have been making their rounds in the UK, meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May, 61, among other scheduled events, angry protesters have descended upon London. And, things took an orange, we mean awkward turn on Friday when a 20-foot Trump baby blimp flew through the London skies. The orange-colored blimp had tiny hands, a diaper, and a cell phone in one hand and the internet is having a field day with the Trump spoof. Check out a video of the Trump blimp below!

And, although the U.S. president is busy during his short, but jam-packed visit to the UK, he (of course) acknowledged the protest blimp. “I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?” he told British newspaper, The Sun, on July 12. “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”

Trump met with British Prime Minister Theresa May at her country residence, Chequers, on Friday morning. He and Melania are scheduled to have tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in the late afternoon.

Protesters have been marching on London since Trump arrived in the UK on Thursday, July 12. Brits gathered outside the US ambassador’s residence in London, where the Trumps are staying, according to reports.

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