Trump says he could appoint 4 more Supreme Court justices

President Trump said Tuesday that he could possibly appoint as many as four new justices to the Supreme Court — but quickly added that he hopes the judges now sitting on the high court stay healthy.

“A lot of theories on that,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn after he was asked about potential appointments beyond those of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

“It could be three. Under one theory, it could be four. And then some people could say two could happen. So, you know, could be from I would say one or two to four more additional. So we’ll see. I hope everyone remains healthy,” the president said as he prepared to board Marine One for a short hop to Joint Base Andrews.

From there, he left on Air Force One for a MAGA rally in Iowa.

But even without future appointments, he said he liked the court the way it is following Kavanaugh’s confirmation after a bruising partisan battle.

“I’m very happy the way it is right now. And we put a great man, and I think going to be a great justice on the court. But, you know, it’s a guessing game,” Trump continued before expressing gratitude for having had the chance to nominate two justices.

“What is an honor is that there have been presidents, many presidents, that never had a choice. And here I am, not even two years, and we have two. And they’re confirmed and they’re on the court,” he said.

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