TSB customers report chaos to online banking following upgrades

TSB customers have been reporting problems with their online banking after upgrades were made over the weekend.

One customer said he was credited with £13,000 he didn’t have, while a second said their entire £2,000 savings had vanished.

Last Thursday TSB said they were planning upgrades over the weekend and warned that certain services would not be available.

"We’re planning an upgrade to our systems between 4pm Friday 20th of April until 6pm Sunday 22nd of April.

"We’re sorry but during this time some services, like online banking, making payments or transferring money won’t be possible. For details please visit."

One wrote: "£2k in savings and it’s all disappeared. Card being declined despite having a £3k overdraft. Wtf is going on?"

A second wrote at 7:00 pm on Sunday: "Why is nothing every delivered well in this world??!! App doesnt work just says ‘something went wrong’ and website logon is like wading through treacle…. why bother upgrading? not really surprised though."

Around the same time, another account holder tweeted the company: "Absolutely raging… no internet banking for a few days.. still have no access this is all I’m getting."

Laim McKenzie also discovered issues when he signed into his app shortly after 6:00 pm on Sunday.

He told the BBC: "I saw the details of one other account holder, as well as my own.

"My balance, because of my overdraft, is in minus, but my balance was showing at £13,000.

"I closed the app and went in again at 19:00 and only my account was showing – but my balance was showing at zero.

While TSB hasn’t posted a further tweet addressing the isssues, they have been replying individually to customers apologising for "intermittent problems" with online banking, adding: "We’re working as hard as we can to resolve this."

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