Ttwo women seen walking with pram and toddler along LIVE train line

On track for disaster: Police release photo of two ‘irresponsible’ women walking with pram and toddler along LIVE train line that featured in 1970s classic movie The Railway Children

  • Two women were pictured on a live railway track with a buggy and toddler in tow
  • They were spotted walking on Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in West Yorks
  • Tracks on line were live and trains has been passing along route during the week
  • Comes after British Transport Police urged people to stay off tracks over Easter 

Two ‘totally irresponsible’ women have been slammed after they were pictured walking along a live railway track with a buggy and child in tow.

It comes only days after officials urged people to steer clear of railway lines ahead of the Easter break. 

British Transport Police issued a series of warnings ahead of the long weekend urging people to stay of the tracks after reports of several incidents in different areas of the UK.

The appalling photograph captured the seemingly oblivious women and child as they took a shortcut along Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) in West Yorkshire on Monday.

One woman can be seen pushing an empty green and white pushchair along the middle of the tracks, which was famously featured in the 1970 film version of Edith Nesbit’s story, The Railway Children.

Another woman was seen holding hands with the child, believed to be around four-years-old, as they walked along the tracks without considering the dangers faced. 

Local MP’s and social media users have hit out at the women on Facebook – after it emerged the trainline is still in use. 

The two women were photographed with their buggy and child as they took a shortcut along Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) in West Yorkshire on Monday

The local MP slammed the ‘totally irresponsible’ women for their actions in a post on Facebook

Member of Parliament for Keighley and Ilkley, Robbie Moore MP shared the image on Facebook last night warning locals to ‘stay off the tracks.’

He wrote: ‘Rather worryingly, despite the obvious dangers, people are trespassing on our railway lines.

‘I was sent this photo today, of two adults, with a child walking along the Keighley and Worth Valley railway.

‘This is extremely dangerous, risky and totally irresponsible to encourage children to walk along a railway line.

‘Even though the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway aren’t hosting visitors at the moment due to Covid restrictions, the railway line is still being used.

‘Trespassing on the railway is illegal and dangerous – please stay safe, and do not do it. I would be grateful if you could spread the word.’   

British Transport Police also urged anyone who witnesses similar behaviour to report it – specifically urging parents to speak to their children about the dangers. 

Monday’s incident appeared even more unusual in light of their comments, after the parents were seen leading the child down the track. 

In her warning ahead of the Easter break, Superintendent Alison Evans of British Transport Police, said: ‘Trespassing on the railway can have serious, life-changing consequences for the individual, their loved ones and the wider community. 

‘Please, make sure you know the rail safety basics and pass that knowledge onto your loved ones. Lead by example and stay off the tracks.’

Sergeant Rob Pile added: ‘Parents and carers play a vital role in preventing tragedy resulting from trespass by ensuring they know where their children are and talking to them about the dangers of trespassing. 

‘So please, have that conversation with those in your care and encourage them to stay off the tracks.’       

The unnamed woman and her bridegroom kissed while standing on a pedestrian path over the track near Whitby, North Yorkshire

The outrageous image caused shock amongst social media users. 

Penny Hutchinson wrote: ‘It was an unbelievable, not to mention, an uncomfortable sight. Especially as just 24hrs earlier trains were running on that very line.’

Natalie Farrar said: ‘What is wrong with people? One thing putting their own lives in danger but their kids too. Shocking behaviour!’ 

Indya Clarke added: ‘Very worrying to see! If people want to be pure stupid don’t involve innocent kids.’  

KWVR announced last month that they would be running some trains in preparation with their re-opening of the train lines next week.

Before the pandemic, they operated steam train journeys every weekend of the year and daily during the summer months. 

The trainline was famously featured in the 1970 film version of Edith Nesbit’s story, The Railway Children.

It also featured in World War 1 drama Testament of Youth, children’s classic Swallows and Amazons and hit TV series Peaky Blinders.   

 Network Rail said more than 5,000 incidents were recorded between June and September with many cases involving people using the railways as a backdrop for photographs

This is the moment a jogger wearing headphones, in orange, can be seen crossing a railway level crossing in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire earlier this month 

How to use a level crossing safely 

Network Rail has produced a guide on using a level crossing safely. 

  • Concentrate – it’s easy to get distracted, especially by phones, music and conversation. 
  • Stop, look and listen. 
  • Follow signs and instructions. 
  • Check both ways before crossing – if there is a train coming, don’t cross. Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms). 
  • Visit level crossings for pedestrians to find out more. 
  • Cross quickly, keeping children close and dogs on a lead.

But these women are not the first to fall foul of the rules and risk their lives by playing on live railyway tracks.

In October, Network Rail released a photograph of a bride and groom carrying out a photoshoot on a railway track to warn about a new craze for level crossing pictures. 

Only a month later, another shocking incident was recorded when a video showed the moment a jogger wearing headphones was almost wiped out by a train after crossing railway tracks unaware the speeding locomotive was approaching.

Earlier this year CCTV released by Network rail again showed a woman lying down on railway tracks to pose for photographs – despite the dangers.

Wearing a bright jacket, the woman can be seen sprawled across the rails at a level crossing in East Sussex while her companion takes pictures. 

On the wider dangers of trespassing on railways, BTP Inspector Bryan O’Neill said: ‘The railway is full of hidden dangers. 

‘Too many times we have seen the tragic consequences of young people ignoring the warnings about trespassing on the railway and taking risks that have resulted in terrible injuries or death, so it’s vital that parents play their part and ensure they know where their children are and what they are up to.’ 

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