Two dogs hilariously snarl at one another but don’t around barrier

If it wasn’t for this gate, you’d be in real trouble! Two dogs hilariously snarl at one another… but neither wants to step around the 4ft barrier separating them

  • The scene was filmed just outside a market in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand
  • An onlooker said the dogs are always barking at each other but they never fight
  • After snarling at one another, they calmly walk away in two different directions 

This is the hilarious moment when two dogs snarl and bark at one another but neither of them steps around the 4ft metal barrier separating them. 

A passer-by filmed the hilarious scene outside a market in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand.

The dogs can be seen arguing at the entrance of a car park but they avoid direct contact.

An observer said the two animals often bark at each other but they never fight.

One of the dogs can be seen barking from the side of the street, while the other keeps still from behind the metal gate.

Despite barking very loudly, the dog standing in the street does not get past the barrier and seems to avoid any contact with the other animal. 

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The animals had been barking for a couple of minutes before the scene was filmed.

When the dog on the side of the street stops barking, the other one walks away limping, before sitting next to a parked car.

The other animal then turns around and goes towards a nearby shop. 

The dogs bark at each other but neither of them goes past the metal barrier separating them

Despite snarling at one another, the dogs have no direct contact and they remain on different sides of the 4ft metal barrier

After barking at each other, one of the dogs walks away limping and goes to sit next to a parked car, while the other heads towards a nearby shop

Onlooker Chaiwat Inmatu said: ‘These two dogs are always barking at each other. 

‘I thought it was very funny. 

‘It looks like they are using the barrier as an excuse not to have any contact, while showing they are tough by barking.

‘They both know that they can walk around the gate and fight. 

‘But I think they like to make noise without having to fight.” 

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