Tyrant Assad slams West for 'fake claims' he gassed Syrian kids

In astonishing interview, the tyrant panned the West for “fake” accusations he gassed Syrian kids – and vowed to reunite the country.


He said Syrian “gave up” its chemical arsenal in 2013 and the “Western narrative” about a chemical attack on Douma only began when the Syrian army had already won the “victory”.

Speaking to Greek media he said: “The use of weapons of mass destruction in an crammed area with a population like Douma – that supposed area and they talk about 45 victims.

“When you use WMD in such an area you should have hundreds of thousands of victims.

"And why do all the chemical weapons – the presumed or supposed chemical weapons – only kill children and women?


“They don’t kill militants.

"If you look at the videos, it’s completely fake.”

In the interview, Assad also insisted Britain’s Foreign Office funds the White Helmets volunteer force that operates in rebel-controlled Syria.

He said the US “helped” ISIS escape from Raqqa so they could fight the Syrian army.

And he vowed the government never taken property from dispossessed Syrians – even if they were a terrorist.

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