Tyson Fury and Amir Khan told to cut ties with drug lord Daniel Kinahan as US hits gangster with Russia-style sanctions

COPS have urged British boxing including stars like Tyson Fury and Amir Khan to cut ties with international drugs kingpin Daniel Kinahan. 

The National Crime Agency said British sport should stop working with the Kinahan cartel, who have made £1bn from smuggling firearms and narcotics. 

It comes after World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury was pictured with his arm around Daniel Kinahan, 44, in February. 

Amir Khan has previously called the gangster and self styled boxing promoter "one of the nicest guys I've ever met".

The US Government have offered a £3.8m ($5million USD) reward for information leading to an arrest of the Kinahan gang leaders. 

And they hit Irish gangster Daniel Kinahan, his brother Christopher Jnr and father Christopher Snr with 'Russia style' sanctions. 

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It means their money and assets in the US or US banks can be frozen. 

The sanctions are similar to those placed on Russian oligarchs following the invasion of Ukraine. 

The Kinahan cartel have a longstanding association with British boxing star Tyson Fury, who affectionately calls his pal “Big Dan”.

It sparked an outcry in 2020 after World Heavyweight Champ Fury publicly thanked Daniel Kinahan for setting up a title fight with fellow Brit champion Anthony Joshua. 

Matt Horne, Deputy Director of Investigations at the NCA, said: "It is a matter for sport and the leaders of sport and the participants in that to take a look at who they are doing business with and if they feel comfortable with that and take the right steps."

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The international crime gang have an estimated international wealth of over £1billion, made from smuggling firearms and narcotics into Europe.

They are responsible for UK drug imports worth over £30m and are ranked alongside the Mafia and Japan's Yakuza.

Daniel Kinahan, his brother Christopher Kinahan Jr, and their father Christopher Kinahan Sr are based in the United Arab Emirates. 

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Sanctions also hit associates Sean McGovern, Ian Dixon and Bernard Clancy, who are all based in Dubai, as well as John Morrissey who lives in Spain.

Two UAE-based companies, Hoopoe Sports and Ducashew General Trading, are sanctioned as well as Glasgow based Nero Drinks which produces Nero Vodka.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris added: "If you are involved with a criminal network I would ask them to look to their own business, the property of their own business and their relationship with their fans. 

"Really, is this something that they want to be involved with in terms of their legitimate business? 

"I think the answer to that is a resounding no." 

The US sanctions are seen as a major blow to the international gang, who grew out of the streets of Dublin and now span dozens of countries around the world. 

Mr Horne added: "They thought they were untouchable, but we will explore every opportunity to disrupt their criminal activities.

"We will not stop here."

There is no suggestion Tyson Fury or Amir Khan are involved in any criminality.

Kinahan claims he is innocent.

Tyson Fury, Amir Khan, and Anthony Joshua were all contacted for comment. 

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