U.S. man dies after being shot by boobytrap he installed on his front door: police

Police say a man has died after being shot by a booby trap he installed to keep his home safe.

The police department in Van Buren, Maine, said they responded to a call Thursday night from 65-year-old Ronald Cyr, who had reported he had been shot.

Upon arrival, officer Chandler Madore and the Van Buren Ambulance Service discovered that Cyr’s front door was “outfitted with a device designed to fire a handgun should anyone attempt to enter the door,” according to a police statement.

An investigation lasting throughout the night had determined that Cyr was shot as a result of “the unintentional discharge of one of his homemade devices.”

The discovery of a number of “unknown devices” at Cyr’s home also prompted officials to bring in the Maine State Police Bomb Squad to investigate.

According to NBC News, Cyr was taken to a nearby hospital, where he had died from injuries sustained by gunshot.

The town of Van Buren is located along the Saint John River, directly across from Saint-Leonard, N.B.

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