UFO sightings may be confirmed by radio techniques used on MH370, ET hunter says

Historic UFO sightings could be confirmed with new radio techniques being tested on missing flight MH370, a top ET hunter says.

Aerospace engineers have been reconstructing the doomed Boeing 777's flightpath in 2014 by analysing disturbances in radio signals.

Aviation expert Graeme Rendall told the Daily Star the technique could reveal a "wealth of data" on UFOs too.

The spokesman for UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) Media UK said: "Whilst not specifically set up to detect possible UFOs, such systems retain a wealth of data that could be used to potentially confirm their existence and movements, if this was to be matched with historical records of sightings."

Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey recently published a study on how to interpret Weak Single Propagation passive HF detection from the aircraft.

It works by reconstructing its flightpath by analysing disturbances to radio reception at the time it went missing in 2014.

The Boeing 777 which set off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Beijing, China on March 8, 2014, vanished with 238 passengers and crew on board.

Mr Godfrey explained that the radio signals acted like invisible "tripwires" in the sky.

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Mr Rendell, of Northumberland, who wrote To The Ends Of The Earth, told us : "This information could also be used in connection with any future reports of UFOs, providing the necessary evidence for military and civilian officials to discuss the topic much more openly and without stigma."

He added: "UAP Media UK welcomes and encourages new methods of obtaining data that may help further the acceptance and understanding of UFOs and UAPs. Weak Signal Propagation passive HF detection could be one avenue to achieving this.

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He continued: "Other systems that may yield important data were recently mentioned by Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

"He stated on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on 5th May 2021 that relevant information could be in databases held by the American Ballistic Early Warning System, the Space-Based Infra-Red System and the Global Acoustic Monitoring System. "

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Leading radio amateur and WSPR expert John Moore last week played down the accuracy of the technique but said it could be used to detect UFOs.

He said: "Of course we also know that this mode of propagation doesn’t work on HF, even over short distances due to the well-understood relationship between the aircraft surface area versus wavelength.

"Short of a really big and reflective UFO over the Indian ocean, the WSPR theory falls well short in my opinion."

Mr Godfrey previously said: "WSPR is like a bunch of tripwires or laser beams, but they work in every direction over the horizon to the other side of the globe.

"The pilot of MH370 generally avoided official flight routes from 18:00 UTC (2:00am AWST) onwards but used waypoints to navigate on unofficial flight paths in the Malacca Strait, around Sumatra and across the Southern Indian Ocean."

He added: "The flight path follows the coast of Sumatra and flies close to Banda Aceh Airport."

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