UK hot weather latest: ‘Extreme heat’ to bake Britain with 30C in DAYS – maps

This week will see a damp and breezy start – but all that will change as the scorching 30C temperatures arrive towards the end of the week to grace the weekend. The beginning of the week will also see two inches of rainfall and winds of 40mph, a far cry from the dry and bright weather expected in the latter half. BBC forecaster Louise Lear said 30C is expected to hit London on Friday, July 31 – the first time a high above the 20s has been recorded so far this July.

This year’s July has been a far cry from 2019 so far, when tropical temperatures of 38.7C were recorded in Cambridge.

BBC meteorologist Tomazs Schafernaker said the holiday temperatures will return by the end of the week following a start of heavy rain and strong winds.

He said: “Overnight the clouds will increase and we are expecting another bout of rain to arrive into western areas of England and Wales, as well as most of Northern Ireland in the early hours of Monday morning.

“This weather front coming in from the Atlantic will also bring in some quite blustery weather – a real mixed bag.


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“I will leave with a bit of good news. It does look as if the weather will be settling down through the week.

“And towards the end of the week, we could be coming back to warm, summer-like weather at long last. By Friday, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hit 30C in the south.”

So far, the weather has seen rain in the majority in the country, with some areas battered by torrential downpours.

The South of England has been the biggest target for the rain, although temperatures have remained at a constant of 22C.

Ms Lear warned that the second half of the weekend will be “a bit more comfortable” as temperatures dip, but there will be a “return to wetter weather into the northwest”.


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Next week will see a “gear change” as a weather pattern of “low pressure moving in from the Atlantic”, will dominate the forecast.

Ms Lear added: “Temperatures are down, really, for where they should be this time of year.

“As we move into Thursday, we will really start to see the signs of change as high pressures continue to build.”

Southerly winds will allow temperatures to hit highs of more than 25C by Thursday afternoon, and those winds will carry into the weekend.

“Temperatures are going to start to respond, with highs of 25-26C expected in the south on Thursday, July 30.”

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“As we move into the weekend, the temperatures will stay with us. Friday is the final day of July, and it could be that we see 30C – the first time that has happened this month.”

Ms Lear did, however, warn that the “extreme heat is not going to stay with us”, with “no signs of anything settled, warm and sunny for the start of August”.

Looking further past this weekend, the temperamental conditions are looking likely to continue into August.

The BBC weather outlook writes: “The changeable weather pattern looks like it’s continuing into mid-August.

“We are likely to see further rain at times with occasionally brisk winds. However, transient high pressure ridges should also bring some drier, calmer and warmer days.

“Indications are that the drier and warmer days should become a little more numerous as we enter the second half of August.

“This is because we should see the track of low pressure areas lifting a little further away to the north of the UK.

“Rainfall amounts look like they are falling near average for many after the mid-month, and perhaps below average over southern Britain.”

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