UK snow map: Where has it snowed and will it settle?

A WHITE CHRISTMAS for some in the UK has been followed by more snow, floods and gale-force winds.

Storm Bella hurtled across Britain with winds of up to 106mph, with frosty weather and snow making roads and pathways perilous for many.

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Where in the UK has it snowed?

Storm Bella followed brisk and chilly conditions across the UK on Christmas Day, with early morning snowfall recorded in some areas – and the weather service officially declaring the 25th as a White Christmas.

On Monday, December 28, Manchester saw heavy snow fall, causing several crashes on the M6 and resulting in motorists caught in tailbacks.

A thick layer of snow also coated the M60 west near Sale and Barton Bridge.

Parts of the West Midlands, north west of England and Scotland have seen snow already this week,

And walkers enjoyed a frosty morning in Richmond Park, South West London, on December 28, as it turned into a winter wonderland.

Snow and ice warnings were issued for much of the UK for Tuesday December 29, covering Scotland, the north of England and Wales.

Snow settled across the streets of Edinburgh on December 29 and could continue to fall in Scotland and parts of England, especially on higher ground.

Lancashire and Yorkshire have experienced snow along with areas in the North East including Consett in County Durham and Wrekenton in Gateshead.

And it has also settled in Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Cheshire and even Somerset.

London has missed out on the snow so far with an ice warning in place for New Year's Eve.

Will it snow today?

The Met Office says the most likely place for snow on Thursday, December 31, is in the north of England.

They said on December 31 that "northerly winds will bring further showers of rain, sleet and snow across the north of Northern Ireland as well as northern and western Scotland".

The Met Office added: "Snow accumulations will mostly be confined to ground above 100m away from coasts, but some temporary slushy deposits are possible to low levels at times."

Large swathes of London and the south could see ice on December 31 and on New Year's Day.

Will the snow settle?

Some areas have already seen the snow settle.

People in Keele, Staffordshire, headed out with sleighs and thick coats on December 28 to make the most of the rare weather.

Birmingham and Worcestershire also saw inches of powdery snow.

In Scotland, the ground is entirely white in some places.

Around three inches (8cm) of snow was recorded at mid-day on Monday, December 28, at the official Met Office weather station at Tulloch Bridge, near Fort William.

And in Edinburgh, snow could be seen covering the streets.

However, in the south, settling snow could be random.

London-based weather expert Ian Currie said: "Snow is very dependant on the height of where you are.

"For every 50 feet, 15 metres or so, you get higher up there is an increased likelihood of an extra day of snow.

"So if you take parts of South Croydon for example, Sanderstead and Selsdon, you are likely to get 10 more days of snow a year there than parts in the north of Croydon."

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