UK weather – bikini-clad students brave the sea for a May Day dip before 25C Bank Holiday scorcher arrives

Crowds from the University of St Andrews bared all for a traditional splash this morning.

Scantily-clad men and women flocked to beaches along the Fife coast in Scotland to take part in an annual event.

Whipping off bikinis and trunks before posing for cheeky snaps and dashing towards the surf, the students splashed about in the North Sea to promote good luck in their exams.

Many were happy to pose for photographers as they covered upwith Scottish flags before rushing off to get a towel.

But students are not the only ones who can make the most out of the sunny weather this week.

Brits will enjoy a mini-heatwave this weekend as high pressure from the continent brings glorious sunshine from across the Channel.

The forecast comes after Britain was battered by strong winds and rain on Monday, follwing a grey and wet weekend, causing the Thames to burst its banks and a man being swept out to sea along the Kent coast.

The man was among three people pulled from the water after a massive wave swept them off the pier in Ramsgate.

All three were rescued by the coastguard but sadly one didn't make it, with the other two currently in hospital.

Conditions are set to improve this weekend and Britons woke up to clear skies and sunny conditions this morning.


The Met Office is predicting temperatures to soar to the mid-twenties, with Sunday and Monday set to see highs of 24-25C.

However, while most of the country can soak up the sun – the North West may have to endure occasional rainy spells.

Alex Burkill, a meteorologist for the Met Office, said: “Temperatures are set to climb as we go through Bank Holiday Weekend.

“We’ve got a little bit of rain today, but tomorrow that will clear.

“The north and west of the country will have a bit more rain this weekend but elsewhere high pressure will dominate our weather through the long weekend and that will bring fine and dry conditions.

“We can expect temperatures to climb, so by Friday we could be looking at highs of 22C and then that will rise by Saturday and by Sunday and Monday temperatures of 24C is a possibility and maybe a little higher.

“It will heat up fairly nicely this weekend but sadly not the same highs of 29C a couple of weeks ago.”

Students in Scotland were not the only ones celebrating a May tradition this morning, young bright things from the Oxford University were also out in force.

Dressed up in all their finery, crowds of students joined members of the public to celebrate the first day of the month near the city's Magdalen Bridge.

Students have been prevented from jumping from the bridge into the river, which has historically been a tradition, due to injuries at a previous year's event.

Meanwhile revellers donned fancy dress and face paint in Glastonbury to mark the pagan festival of Beltane.

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