UK weather – Britain to be hotter than ALGARVE this week as ex-Hurricane Larry sucks in 25C scorcher

BRITAIN will be hotter than the ALGARVE this week as ex-Hurricane Larry sucks in a 25C scorcher.

The welcome warmth will cheer millions after the drab August school hols.

Britain will be hotter than Portugal later this week as Hurricane Larry catapults a 600-mile wide 25C 'subtropical sizzle' to our shores – bringing a second autumn heatwave.

Before then, though, Monday is forecast to have further spells of rain moving slowly northeastwards, says the Met Office.

Although it will remain dry across northern Scotland and much of eastern England, temperatures will be close to average.

The mercury is forecast to reach 16-18C in the cloudy and damp west, 18-20C across sunnier parts of Scotland and much of eastern England on Monday adds Netweather TV.

But Brits are in for balmier weather, with the Met Office forecasting 24C for Tuesday.

That's ahead of showers – but decent sunny spells – predicted for Wednesday.

And Thursday is expected to nudge 25C, or six degrees above average, according to forecast models.

Even the north is due 23C.

That means that Britain will be hotter than Faro's 23C, on Portugal's Algarve.

While Friday should see a spell of rain, it will stay warm, with the Met Office forecast suggesting continued heat and dry conditions for many at the weekend and into next week.

After last week's glorious 30C, this week's fresh heat will arrive from the subtropics, sucked north by powerful Larry, which is now nearing Iceland.

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “With Larry's bundle of energy near Iceland, winds from southern latitudes could send the mercury into the mid-20s – just like last week.

“Remarkable warmth was seen last week, and some may welcome another fine spell after a poor August.”

A Met Office forecaster said: “As ex-Hurricane Larry approaches Iceland, we drag in warmer weather from Tuesday.

“Monday and Tuesday has rain but also bright spells, with many regions dry on Wednesday and Thursday with sunny spells.

“Friday has a spell of rain for many areas – but through the weekend and beyond has a signal for mostly fine and dry weather in the South and East, with temperatures near to above-average.”

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “Our weather has been so warm recently – and temperatures in the low to mid-20s are still a few degrees above average.”

BBC Weather added: "The remnants of Hurricane Larry should send high pressure north of the UK this weekend and into Scandinavia.

"Low pressure will move in behind this, bringing more unsettled and often wet weather for the next several weeks.

"Temperatures will be changeable but often above average, especially in southern areas."

With the weather heating up yet again, millions of Brits have been told to reduce their water consumption despite recent heavy rainfall.

Dramatic photographs of Thirlmere Reservoir in the Lake District, which has been supplying Greater Manchester with water since the 1800s, show cracked mud and a lunar-like landscape due to the dropped water levels.

The water board has asked residents to use less water this week as it is just 40 per cent full – far less than the 78 per cent this time last year.

United Utilities, which operates the water supply to the north west of England, has urged customers to reduce consumption by spending less time in the shower.

In an email, the firm told more than two million people in Greater Manchester: "The reservoirs and water sources which supply your local area are much lower than we would like them to be for this time of year.

"So, it's really important that you do all you can to save water.

"A simple way to make a big impact is to spend just one minute less in the shower – that'll save 12 litres a day, enough for 48 cups of tea."

The firm blamed warm weather and increased use by people working from home for causing the water shortage.

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