UK weather: Britain to experience highs of 28C next week with possibility of ‘downpours’

UK weather: Met Office forecasts outbreaks of rain

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According to the Met Office, parts of Scotland will stay bright on Monday. However, other areas will experience rain, some heavy possible in tracking northeast.

There is a possibility of downpours across parts of England in the afternoon.

The day may observe some brighter interludes too and warm and humid in the south.

However, from Tuesday to Thursday, the weather may be often unsettled with showers or longer spells of rain the west and north.

Elsewhere, the weather will be very warm, perhaps hot, for parts of the southeast.

There is a risk of thunderstorms on Thursday.

Weather experts suggested that Sunday will be a cloudier day over most of England and Wales, with some rain for north Wales, the west Midlands and in south Lancashire and around Manchester and Liverpool during the morning.

Ian Simpson from said: “This rain will spread through the Midlands and most of northern England, though the far north of England may stay dry with some sunshine.

“Some light rain or drizzle will also spread into the West Country.

“East Anglia and south-east England will see some sunshine come through, and in this region it will become warm with highs of 23 to 25C.

“For Scotland and Northern Ireland it will be a generally bright day, with some showers mainly in the north of Scotland.”

Cloud and rain will spread eastwards through England and Wales overnight on Sunday and into Monday, but in southern areas the outbreaks of rain will be quite scattered and some places will stay largely dry.

Mr Simpson said: “The weather is expected to turn brighter and more showery, with potential for heavy and locally thundery showers in the Midlands, East Anglia, Lincolnshire and north-east England.

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“There will also be sunshine and showers in Northern Ireland, but most of Scotland will be dry and sunny”

On Tuesday there will be showers in Scotland, but fewer showers elsewhere. It will generally turn hotter, particularly over England, with highs of 27 or 28C over East Anglia and the south-east on Tuesday.

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