UK weather: Brits face chaotic Wednesday as 13C set to follow morning freeze

BBC Weather: UK set for 'cooler and cloudier' conditions

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Despite the increased cloud cover, there is a high-pressure weather front that is keeping the weather in check and relatively stable throughout the day. However, overnight conditions will be unseasonably chilly.

BBC Meteorologist Nick Miller stated that there is a “main weather feature building in for the rest of the week and in fact for the rest of the month too”.

He added that there will be “high pressure right across us keeping things largely dry and settled with a chance though, it’s on the cool side out there, of a touch of frost over the next few mornings”.

WXCHARTS shows night temperatures will begin to fall to low single digits between 1C and 3C with a few areas hitting 0C on Tuesday.

Mr Miller noted “a touch of frost” is even set for Wednesday “and then it looks as that area of pressure moves right in to be a mainly dry day…we’ll continue to see some sunny spells”.

Temperatures for the majority of the UK, especially the southeast will be in double digits on Wednesday morning, with an average of 11C though areas such as Newcastle will not be above 9C.

The BBC meteorologist noted that there will be a “range of temperatures from the cooler North Sea coast” but some will be “closer to the mid-teens in the warmer spots elsewhere.”

Temperatures are then due to plummet by 10C late on Wednesday night and in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The majority of Brits will be facing unseasonable widespread frost with most areas being 0C or 1C with a few places in the southeast possibly settling at 2C.

The unexpected frost may cause an issue for gardeners and farmers in areas where the cloud cover moves off and the night gets colder than in other areas.

The Met Office stated that those areas that will suffer the most from the frosty temperatures would be rural.

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To add to the fluctuating and chaotic changes in temperatures, once the morning chill of Thursday burns off, some areas in the south could see up to 15C, according to WXCHARTS.

The high pressure is expected to stay with us into the weekend, where maximum temperatures will be in the low to mid-teens.

The Met Office noted the weather will be dry with sunny intervals for most but claimed there may be patches of rain in the north.

It added: “Daytime temperatures will remain near normal or slightly above, but colder nights, mainly in the south could see some patchy frost in sheltered rural areas.”

By the end of the weekend, the weather is forecast to get more unsettled with more rainfall and the continuance of cool temperatures.

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