UK weather: Brits set to fry in ‘pleasantly warm’ Bank Holiday heat as mercury hits 25C

Met Office forecasts fine and bright start for many

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Meteorologist Dan Stroud said that Monday would see a bright start with the possibility of light rain in the east. He said that temperatures would be a “little down” compared to recent days.

However, Mr Stroud added that conditions would be “pleasantly warm” in the areas with the highest temperatures.

He said: “Overnight temperatures staying comfortably in double figures with overnight lows of 13 and 14 across the south and 12 further north.

“So that’s a fine and bright start for many of us on Monday morning, especially in the west.

“Further east, we are seeing some cloud pushing westwards from the north sea and that cloud thick enough to give a few outbreaks of light rain and drizzle in places.

“Now with the best of the sunshine in the west that is where we are likely to see the highest temperatures during the course of Monday, so feeling pleasantly warm there.

“Where we see that thicker cloud in the east.

“Temperatures down a little on recent values.

“So remaining dry but cloudy Monday evening, again with a few clear spells developing across the west and the south.” 

Mr Stroud added that the “settled” conditions are likely to continue into Tuesday.

However, as the week progressed high pressure is likely to “dominate” the outlook.

There is also the possibility of clouds and even rain later in the week.

He said “And those settled conditions will continue into Tuesday with high pressure continuing to dominate the weather over the coming few days. 

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“While the high-pressure cell is fairly weak, we are still likely to see some clouds and some rain in the forecast at times, but that rain is mostly light.

“And look in a little bit further towards the end of the week.

“There are hints that the weather may turn more unsettled from Friday from the north and the west with rain for many of us.”

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