UK weather forecast: Britain set for relentless heavy showers and strong winds

The cold start to the working week continues as Tuesday is expected to be chilly with frost in the countryside and across a good part of the UK. It is not frosty everywhere however, the far south isn’t quite as cold to start the day because there is a bit more cloud around. For some, there are patches of fog to be wary of through Tuesday. 

Across the south it is not as cold as Monday due to the cloud around but there will still be a bit of rain across parts of Devon and Cornwall. 

There will be showers in northern Scotland and around many rural parts of Scotland. 

Temperatures will rise with the help of a bit of October sunshine but there will not be as much sunshine across south Wales compared to Monday. 

Thicker cloud across the southwest of England at times provides rain through Devon and Cornwall. 

There will also be a few showers through Somerset, Kent and around the coast of East Anglia. 

It will still feel pretty cool as temperatures stay below average for this time of year and winds also pick up in the southwest.

There will be a wet end to Tuesday across the south due to thicker clouds and some showers. 

Frost will form in Scotland on Tuesday evening but there will be sunshine across the country on Wednesday morning with a few fog patches. 

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said regarding the rest of the week: “Devon and Cornwall are looking very soggy on Wednesday whereas much of the UK will again be dry and bright but with perhaps a bit more breeze. 

“Temperatures again struggling to get into double figures and feeling cooler with that breeze.

“There is a top temperature in the southwest but of course here we’ve got outbreaks of rain and some quite gusty winds at times as well.”

The end of the week will see the cloud and rain in the southwest become more widespread. 

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Many places in Britain will see much more cloud through Thursday and Friday with the UK turning quite a bit wetter at the end of the working week. 

Next weekend will experience unsettled wet and windy weather in all parts of the UK. 

The first part of November will have bouts of wind and rain moving in from the west across most reigions. 

The Met Office will be updating its forecasts throughout the day.

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