UK weather forecast: ‘Danger to life’ warning as fast-flowing water to spark horror floods

Damage to some buildings is expected as a result of the flooding and there is a chance that businesses and homes could be flooded. Train and bus services may be delayed or cancelled due to the flooding. Driving conditions will be difficult due to the combination of spray and flooding, while some road closures may occur.

Some communities are at risk of becoming cut off by the flooded roads.

There is also a chance of power cuts in some parts of the UK as the flooding is expected to cause disruption in the areas hit the hardest. 

Loss of other services to some homes and businesses is also a possibility.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall said: “In England and Wales we have outbreaks of rain towards the west and some heavier showers pushing across the southeast.

“That’s because we have two weather fronts, a warm front coming into the southeast and a cold front pushing into the northwest.

“Those two will amalgamate together as we go through the next few hours giving some heavier rain.

“You can see that rain really blossoming as we go through Thursday, some heavy pulses of rain to come at times and there could even be some torrential downpours.

“A pretty grotty one to come.”

Due to the high pressure from the weather fronts we are set for a chilly but clear Thursday night before the temperatures drop on Friday. 

Luke Miall continued: “Temperatures will be low enough for some frost across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“This conveyer of weather fronts will give some fairly wet weather as we go through Friday and Saturday.

“We have weather warnings out in force for those.

“We do have some wet and windy weather to get out of the way through Friday and Saturday.”

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The risk of flooding will be highest across Friday and Saturday. 

Meteorologist Luke Miall said: “Through Friday and Saturday there will be some heavy rain through parts of Wales and northwest England, spreading to all areas of England and Wales by the time we get to Saturday.

“We do have weather warnings out in force.”

The Met Office will be updating its forecasts and weather warnings throughout the day.

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