UK weather forecast – Freezing -5C fog hits today before weather 'goes downhill' next week with more rain and gales

BRITS will awaken to further chilly weather on Sunday, as biting winds continue and temperatures plummet to -5C, says the Met Office.

Although there’s a brief respite from the cold on Monday, the weather is forecast to “really go downhill” on Wednesday, warns a meteorologist.

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The Met Office said: "It's going to be another chilly day to end the weekend on Sunday, but there will still be bright skies in the west, and cloudier in the east.

"Temperautes in Northern Ireland could be as low as -4C and -5C in rural Scotland."

Later in the day the sun will appear "hazy", ahead of another chilly night, the service added.

It warned that "unsettled weather is on the way" mid-week.

While kite-surfers have been enjoying the blustery conditions, a £20million sand-scaping project on the Norfolk coast has been blown away.

Some 1.8million cubic metres of sand was pumped onto the beaches in front of the Bacton gas terminal – which imports a third of all UK gas supplies – and the villages of Bacton and Walcott in 2019.

The project was expected to provide protection to the gas terminal for about 20 years, but strong northerly gales over the past few days have almost removed all the new sand from the beaches.

BBC Weather's Tomasz Schafernaker said: "For many of us the chilly weather is going to continue for the rest of the weekend.

"We've had a couple of days of that strong northerly wind. The weather pattern is stuck at the moment across Europe – we keep seeing the same clouds and the same air stream across the UK.

"There is a touch of frost on the way, here and there."

Mr Schafernaker said that on Sunday, "from Newcastle, down to Hull and London it could be quite cloudy, and there are some sunny skies for Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Northern Ireland, and many parts of Scotland.

"A sunny day is on the way in the West."

Meteogroup UK said that Sunday night "will be dry with sunny spells for most.

"Parts of eastern England, East Anglia and south-east England will be overcast with patchy drizzle.

"Through the night, it will remain grey in eastern England, and it will become dull with patchy rain in Northern Ireland and western Scotland."

The weather changes on Monday, with a brief lull expected.

A new weather front moving in will bring a change in the wind direction and "that means much milder conditions will be spreading across the UK," said Mr Schafernaker.

"We will have lost that cold northerly wind and instead get this Atlantic westerly, so there's milder air, but with that comes a price – cloud and rain.

"But temperatures are back up to 18C on Monday in London, 17C in Hull, 15C in Newcastle."

After a further lull on Tuesday, "the next low pressure front will be racing from the west, pushed by a powerful jet stream.

"So by about Wednesday onwards the weather is really going to go downhill.

"Across many parts of the UK we are expecting outbreaks of rain and stronger winds.

"And from Wednesday onwards pretty much all areas are in for an unsettled spell of weather which will take us into the following weekend as well," said Mr Schafernaker.

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