UK weather warning: Lightning, hail and torrential rain sparks flood alerts

Britons basked in temperatures of up to 36C this weekend, as a heatwave swept across the UK. But the scorching temperatures and humidity are set to trigger stormy conditions later today, with forecasters expecting lightning, heavy downpours and storms.

Nick Finnis, a Senior Forecast at Netweather, has warned there is a strong to severe risk of thunderstorms erupting across Wales and the Midlands this afternoon.

He said the storms will be capable of producing large hail of up to 4cm, as well as bringing lighting and torrential downpours.

As a result, the forecaster said there is a risk of flash flooding across these parts of the UK.

Mr Finnis added: “These strong or locally severe storms drifting N across E Wales/Midlands towards NW England into the evening.”

The Met Office has put in place a number of yellow weather warnings, covering much of the UK.

The yellow warning is for risk of a thunderstorm and is in place for the whole of Monday, as the forecasters say there is “significant uncertainty in location and timing”.

The weather warning states: “There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes and large hail.”

It also says there is a risk the storms could cause power cuts to occur, as well as flash flooding.

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Similar yellow thunderstorm warnings are in place through to Thursday.

Weather maps show that the risk of stormy weather will continue for much of the week.

WXCharts show there is a particularly high risk of storms across the west of the UK on Tuesday, Sith Wales and northern parts being most affected.

By Wednesday, Netweather graphs show almost the whole of the UK engulfed in some level of storm risk, with the Midlands being particularly affected.

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Flood alerts have also been put in place in Scotland today.

The amber alerts, put in place by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), cover seven areas, which includes: Argyll and Bute, Ayrshire and Arran, Central, Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh and Lothians, Scottish Borders and West Central Scotland.

But despite the risk of stormy conditions, the high temperatures are likely to stick around for much of the week.

On Monday afternoon temperatures could soar to highs of 37C again in the capital.

The Met Office said: “It will be hot and humid on Monday particularly in the south east where temperatures could get into the high 30s once again.

“So the heatwave continues staying warm through Monday evening with a further risk of thunderstorms.

“Not everywhere will see the thunderstorms they will be hit and miss but where we do see them they could be torrential in the coming days with some severe impact.”

Netweather charts show the mercury will continue to rise to the mid-30s on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, before cooling off slightly before the weekend.

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