Ukrainian lad asks if cannabis is legal in UK as Brits prepare to house refugees

A young man fleeing Ukraine asked a reporter if cannabis is legal in the UK, making her burst out laughing.

In the clip, filmed by Sky News, the reporter is wearing body armor and a helmet as she interviews refugees packed onto a bus in Kyiv amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

The reporter says they are "very stressed" and then speaks to the lad, who gives the "ok" sign with his fingers and says: "I'm alright! I smoke weed."

He then says "420", the unofficial holiday for smoking cannabis on April 20, and asks the reporter if she is American.

When she replies, "British", the lad asks her: "Is cannabis legalised in Britain?"

Laughing, the journalist seems to lose her train of thought and says: "I don't know… I'm glad that's all you're thinking about."

The UK government has u-turned on an earlier decision about accepting refugees from Ukraine and has now launched a website where people can sign up to offer a room to house them.

Housing and Communities Secretary Michael Gove said: "The courage shown by the Ukrainian people in the face of devastation caused by the invasion of their great country is nothing short of remarkable.

"The United Kingdom has a long and proud history of helping others in their hour of need and our new Homes for Ukraine scheme offers a lifeline to those who have been forced to flee.

"I'm asking people across our country who can provide a home for Ukrainians to consider being sponsors."

This comes after a British veteran sniper reported that the Ukrainian army is "hammering" the Russian invaders.

Shane Matthews, who fought in Afghanistan, compared Ukrainian fighters to the "Taliban on steroids" due to Guerrilla-style fighting and said Russia had suffered heavy losses.

He said Putin's convoys were easy targets and the city of Kyiv would "not fall".

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