Ukrainian nurse 'abducted and HANGED in street by pro-Russian cops after confronting Putin's troops' in occupied Kherson | The Sun

A UKRAINIAN nurse was allegedly abducted and hanged in the street by pro-Russian cops after confronting Mad Vlad's troops in occupied Kherson region.

Tetyana Mudrenko and her husband Anatoliy, 60, were allegedly abducted from their front garden in October and had their home ransacked by Russian collaborators, according to eyewitnesses.

Her twin sister Natalia Chorna, 56, said Tetyana – also known as Tanya – regularly scolded Russian collaborators and shouted "Skadovsk is Ukraine!" through the streets of the occupied town, according to the FT.

Natalia warned her sister to be quiet and told the disabled children's nurse to stop confronting Russian troops.

In the spring, Tanya allegedly confronted a group of Russian soldiers wearing balaclavas.

"She looked at the orc, right in his eyes and asked: ‘Why are you here? Will you shoot me?'," Natalia said, referring to Russian troops by a derogatory term.


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In October, weeks after Tanya's brave public rant, Natalia received a disturbing call from an eyewitness who said her sister died after being dragged into the street and publicly executed.

Natalia said: "She told me that 'Tanya' was hanged. They poured something into her mouth and then hanged her in front of the courthouse."

The details surrounding Tanya's alleged abduction and death could not be independently verified but messages between Natalia and Tanya's death certified were analysed and verified by the FT.

Anatoliy was later released from prison to bury his wife and showed signs of beatings and had a broken arm. He has since disppeared.

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The local morgue told Natalia that her sister died from "mechanical asphyxiation" and sent her Tanya's a death certificate.

The Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIHR), a Ukrainian nonprofit, confirmed Mudrenko's cause of death in an October 19 post.

Natalia moved to her hometown of Ukrainian-held Dnipro shortly before Skadovsk was taken by Russia in April but her sister stayed.

"In occupied Skadovsk, you can’t have your own opinion," Natalia said.

Russia has been accused of committing numerous war crimes in Ukraine.

Residents in recently liberated Izyum recounted seeing Russian troops burning bodies and torturing people in broad daylight during their five-month occupation.

In Bucha, over 400 were tortured, killed and found in a mass grave in the town during Russia’s occupation in March.

One mum claims her daughter was raped and murdered by Russian soldiers.

The body of the "beautiful" Karina Yershova, 22, was discovered mercilessly dumped in a garden in war-crime ravaged Bucha.

Her mutilated corpse was found with "tears" and "wounds", while all her nails – apart from one – had been torn off.

The 22-year-old was allegedly raped, shot in the back of the head and discarded in a backyard by Putin's vile henchmen.

Her mum Olena and stepfather Andrii Dereko have spoken out about their grief and outrage at their only daughter's horrific murder.

Fighting back tears, her mother told Ukraine24: "The police said that she was badly tortured.

"My girl wanted to live so much. She even applied tourniquets to herself to stop the bleeding."

Andrii added: "They shot her in the legs. Then, with a shot in the head, they killed her."

The pair previously branded Russian soldiers "animals" as the extent of the atrocities in Bucha began to be emerge.

In July, a Sun investigation found damning proof Russia had used banned cluster bombs to homes in Donbas.

At a clinic in blitzed Kurakhove, medics have treated more than 200 civilian victims and performed at least 30 amputations since Ukraine first came under fire in February.

We met six casualties after two suspected cluster bomb strikes on June 4 and June 8 left at least four dead and dozens injured.

They described signs of multiple blasts as suspected Urugan missiles burst open.

In the past week, Russian troops appear to be fleeing Kherson in their thousands.

A Russian flag was removed from an administrative building while troops have been sent fleeing over the Dnipro river – in a major blow to Putin's already shambolic invasion.

The Russian flag was removed in the occupied city this morning, signalling a retreat by Putin's forces.

The image was shared by a pro-Kremlin Telegram channel with the caption: "I drove up to the building of the former government of the Kherson region; I confirm that there is no [Russian] flag over it."

However, the reporter who shared the image claimed the flags on other nearby buildings still remained.

It came after a chilling warning by a senior European official that the Russian army should "retreat or die".

Russian authorities in Kherson have been urging its citizens to flee since mid-October but a Russian-appointed official has now said people should "evacuate as quickly as possible" – as troops begin fleeing over the Dnipro river.

Kherson is the only regional capital that Moscow has been able to capture eight months after the start of the invasion.

Despite Putin's claim that it would take less than four weeks for his army to capture Kyiv and claim victory.

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Reports of Ukrainian troops loading rockets onto launchers around Kherson have also been reported, signalling another potential battle in the coming days.

According to local reports, Russian forces seem to be weakening, though the Kremlin is reported to have sent more reinforcements to the area.

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