UK’s ‘hairiest baby’ has locks so long she needs a blow dry every night

A five-month-old girl who could be Britain’s hairiest baby has locks so long her mum gives her a blow dry every night before bed.

Lexi-Rose Fan had so much jet-black hair before she was born it showed up on her mum Hanna Hollins’ pregnancy scans.

Hanna said she was shocked when Lexi-Rose arrived with a full head of hair.

The mum-of-two, from Prenton, Wirral, told the Liverpool Echo that she gets stopped "about 20 times a day" by strangers who are so surprised to see a baby with so much hair.

Hanna said when her four-year-old daughter Sophia-Hope was born, midwives had told her they had never seen a baby with so much hair.

But now Lexi-Rose has stolen her sister’s crown – and her luscious locks show no signs of slowing down.

Hanna said: “I must get stopped about 20 times a day by people because of her hair.

“They can’t believe it and say ‘oh my god look at her hair’.

“I was shocked when she was born because her hair was very, very long but it has obviously grown more since then too.”

At 31 weeks pregnant Hanna said she had a 4D scan which revealed Lexi-Rose’s tresses.

Hanna said: “Normally they said they can’t tell if a baby has hair from a scan. But with Lexi’s they said they could see hair.

“I was born with a lot of hair but nowhere near hers.”

Facing up to the daily challenge of managing Lexi-Roses locks can be tough, but Hanna has a few taming techniques – including giving her a blow dry every night.

She said: “I am not going to cut it, I want to keep it natural.

“I just put clips in it really so it doesn’t get in her eyes.

“But she doesn’t get bothered by it.

“She has to have her hair blow dried every night after a bath and I use some Johnson’s spray on it to keep it tamed.

“It’s quite hard to maintain, but really lovely.

“I am so blessed to have two gorgeous healthy girls.”

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